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Stella McCartney Lingerie Video of the Day

If I was Paul McCartney’s daughter, I’d probably stare at my vagina for a few hours….maybe insert random objects into me to see if it fits…then counting my inheritance…before pretending to be a fashion designer, because I can’t just live in my father’s musical shadows…I would need my own self worth, based on my last name and the money he game me to invest…

Then I would make better videos than this boring ass shit, starring who the fuck cares, but it’s still a 300 viewed underwear ad….almost up there with her competition and/or ghetto Victoria’s Secret…

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Stella McCartney’s Got a Dumpy Ass of the Day

I know Stella MacCartney’s not actually hot or worth fucking unless you are a Beatles fan, or whoever knocked her up and had a kid with her, who I can only assume is a Beatles fan, but she is a fashion designer and as a fashion designer, you’d think she’d be able to put on something that makes her ass worth eating out, but instead it looks like something that got freshly run the fuck over, which may be hot to some of you, who have a fantasy of accidentally running over a hot young girl and fucking her while she is still warm and before calling an ambulance, but it’s not really my thing….but then again, I’m not a Beatles fan….or a necrophiliac.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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