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I am – Drunken stepFAN of the Day


I didn’t know whether I should post this in my stepLINKS or give it a post of it’s own, because let’s face it, it’s not that interesting to the average user but it is interesting to me. My FIRST POST EVER from November 2004 asked you to send in pics of naked girls you knew because that’s the kind of fans I was lookin’ for and since then I have had a handful of hot pics sent to me, but lost them all when my computer was stolen and NONE of them ever had writing on them…I’m talkin’ customized FAN ART…

Either way, this is the email I got:


Imagine this
On top of your fat drunken ass.

I won’t even ask for a free t-shirt.

Let’s hope this has a snowball effect and that all you fuckers start sending me in FAN ART…..You better cuz I just started a new section for this kinda thing. That’s called forward thinking.

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