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Top Fat Girl Fetish Youtube Videos of the Day

I hate fat chicks…I’m married to one and everytime I look at her I want to throw up….It’s like women aren’t supposed to ever look like this…and that’s coming for a fat dude…but for some reason…dudes still hit on her, even when she’s struggling to breathe, and rolling around on her medical scooter and it makes no fucking sense to me….it’s like do they not have fucking eyes, do they not fear getting close to all those hard to wash body parts, are they just curious cuz they’re bored of their fit normal sized wife….I just don’t know…but I do know that fat chicks are a fucking fetish and I have no idea why…I don’t think it’s a hip hop thing…I think it’s a twisted thing and here are a bunch of fat girl youtube videos people have masturbated to….unforunately youtube is filled with fat girl videos so there are a lot and digging these were horrible…because I got enough fat chick here and I’ve had enough fat chick…to last me a fucking lifetime…

This one’s less of a video and more of a slideshow…..

Chatty, Whinning Fat Black Chick who’s been working out for 5 months very badly

Some Bitch I’ve Never Heard of Who Makes Money off her Fat tits…

Another Famous Fatty Rubbing Herself Down…


How about a pro fat chick bikini shoot

And Another Fat Girl Playing with her belly…

Fat Girl Weighing Herself Cuz She’s Trying to Get Fat….

Fat Girl Rubbing Herself Down and Weighing Herself…

Sometimes a scale is all I need to see when a fat bitch weighs herself…

Belly Play Videos

Fat Chick Doing Exercise Videos

This counts for something…

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Top Self Toe Sucking Videos on Youtube of the Day

Here’s a few videos of girls sucking their own toes because I’ve decided to dig up as many random fetish videos on Youtube as I can to both point out how weird the world is…but remind you that Youtube are porn peddlers…since people out there can pretty much jerk off to anything…and anything you’ve thought of…someone has jerked off to it…Last week I posted spitting videos and nose picking videos – today – we hit the toes….

Some Girl Talking About Her Feet Then Sucking Her Own Toes – I Bet her Mom is Proud….

Some Lolipop Pre Toe Sucking…

Self Toe Sucking in the Car….Take That Shit on the Road…

Some Other Toe Sucker….

Toe Suck Close Up…

Some Other Toe Sucker….

Toe Sucker With Candies….who lets a dude join in….weirdness

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Top Nose Picking Fetish Youtube Videos of the Day

Yesterday I posted The Top Spitting Fetish Videos on Youtube ….and it was a huge success, so huge that no one liked it on facebook or commented on it, so I decided to keep the whole thing going…because I like the idea of people getting off to some of the weirdest shit ever…So this nose picking one’s a stretch…but for the sake of the joke no one will read…it works….

Here are the top videos I found, there’s probably better ones out there, cuz I am posting the first 5 I found….

This one’s just ridiculous….I mean nose picking at it’s finest….

Some Cam chick….who looks too much like Paris Hilton…

This is the kind of girl you’d expect to find with a wall of snot next to her bed….

The Classic – in the car cuz you don’t think anyone is around you….but that you’re in your own world…

Just Some Friends Picking Noses Together…

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Top Spitting Fetish Videos on Youtube of the Day

People get off to the weirdest fucking things…I have always said that if at least one person out there has jerked off to pretty much anything you can think of. I’m talking from the most gross, disgusting, vile thing you can think of, both naked or not….to totally random things like a stop sign…and that’s seriously fucked up.

But at least Youtube, owned by Google, caters to these totally vile, weird, obscure videos of bitches spititng, because they don’t show nudity, cuz you know this kind of content is way better than one that has nudity.

We’re so fucking backwards, our priorities are fucked. Tits are normal. They are a fucking body part. This is straight up distorted….

Spit on a Mirror…

Spit in a Little Glass then in Each other’s mouth…

Porn Girls Talking Too Much About Spitting…then Spitting…

Girl Spitting into a Guy’s Mouth…..


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