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Stephanie Beatriz for Playboy of the Day

Stephanie Beatriz is some Argentina actress from the show Brooklyn Nine Nine…something I’ve never seen…but that I am posting because she’s from Argentina and Argentina just won the World Cup game against Nigeria in a sport I don’t watch because I am not a Euro Faggot or South American Faggot…who sits by their iphone all day in public streaming the shit and screaming with excitement when their shitty team scores a shitty point after 45 minutes of playing….

I only know Argentina won against Nigeria because some retired Argentinian player made the news for having a freak out when they won….and paramedics were called…which is ridiculous…

But not as Ridiculous as a low level actress doing Playboy fully clothed, like why fucking bother…it’s Playboy, do it naked or don’t do it at all…which just more evidence of how Playboy really failed as a brand in recent years….even if Stephanie Beatriz isn’t that hot…she should still be naked…..slutty but not slutty enough yo….

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