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We Love LA for GQ UK September 2012 Phtotoshoot of the Day

I don’t know who Amanda Booth, Lauren Young, Sarah Dumont, Xenia Deli or Stephan Corneliussen are…but I know they are amazing…I also know that I probably follow at least one of them on instagram, and I probably tell her that I love her and want to make Disney movie caliber romance….every single day because low level aspiring models who live in LA and who are fucking amazing to look at…is kinda my fetish….you know haven’t quite made it yet, but totally have what it takes and are working it hard….pornographic motherfuckers…without the dick in pussy and being raped as a kid baggage….so that’s why I’m with GQ UK and I say that I love LA, or at least the bitches trying to make it…cuz they look like this…

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