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stepNEWS of the Day

What better way than to start the day with idiots who managed to get themselves on TV by just being themselves. No glitz or glam of Hollywood, no casting couch blowjobs, no marketing team or PR people to create some marketable lie about them, just real deal idiots involved in some authentic shit that wasn’t corporate strategy to get them noticed….

Brett Favre’s Crotch Nailed by Football

Brett Favre was nailed in the family jewels on the practice squad. ouch.

Offspring of Kenyan Paligamist Using Facebook to Unite Cuz Facebook Connects People….

Apple Patents Anti-Sexting App

Lakers Girl Smashed in Kings / Lakers Game

Woman Arrested for Threatening to Blow Up a Wal-Mart Over Prescription

A Connecticut woman desperate for amphetamines was taken down at a Wal-Mart after threatening to blow the store up.

Michigan Man’s Dog Comes Back to Life

A man was forced to put his dog down, but after the vet administered shots, the dog came back to life

NC Grocery Clerk Grabs Gun from Robber

TX Mom Murders Daughter’s Boyfriend with Bleach and Hammer

Year-Long Boy on Boy Rape Ring Busted in Michigan Trailer Park

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stepNEWS of the Day

Sometimes, I hate the stepNEWS too….so you can keep your hate mail to yourself…cuz they are staying cuz every once in a while there is something amazing….today is just not one of those days…

Teen ‘Bully’ Accused Of Toilet-Tipping

Police in Delaware have charged a 14-year-old after they say he forced a 7-year-old inside a “Port-O-John” and intentionally knocked it over

Caught on Tape: Transformers 3 Crash w/ Real Police Vehicle

One of the Transformers cars, Bumblebee, crashed into a DC Police SUV while filming in Washington, DC. Filming resumed at a different location later in the day

US Airways Flight Attendant Busted for Cocaine in Indianapolis

A US Airways flight attendant was seen with bags of cocaine strapped to her body after walking through a full body scanner, initially saying they were tampons.

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stepNEWS of the Day

I got a Facebook message from some dude who wanted to tell me that he was one of the haters I always talk about who hates the stepNEWS, but then he decided to try watching the shit drunk and realized what I was getting at….and watched every single one multiple times and loved it….because life is better drunk….brining up an important point…this site is a great experience as long as you are wasted…that’s the whole point of it…so get drinking….

Here is the latest news…

Algebra Teacher Freaks Out on Students

Donald Woods began throwing desks and chairs in the direction of students in reaction to his 11th Grade Algebra Class students’ taunting in Tennessee. Camera phones suck for crazy people getting filmed….

Detroit Neighbors Taunt Dying Girl-Everyone has heard this story….Websites are trying to distroy this woman…but I’ll post it anyway…cuz it’s hilarious.

Wife Attacked with Hammer in Kansas City

Pregnant GA Mom Accused of Beating Up 6 Year-Old Boy

TX Thief Holds Guilty Sign in Public – I love this public humiliation shit….It’s genius.

KC Woman Wakes Up with “HOE” Carved in Chest

OH Congressional Nominee Admits to Dressing Like Nazi

VA Mom Arrested for Letting 2 Year-Old Daughter Eat Marijuana

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stepNEWS of the Day

I got this email about the stepNEWS….


I can’t jerk off to the news, trust me I’ve tried. Seriously, it’s really putting a damper on my boner when I come to your site to cum for TITS. Stick to what you’re good at and post more TITS…

As much as I love talking to dudes about their boners….and as much as I like to think I am good at tits….I think the news is funny…so it’s staying…for now….and here it is…

South Korean Man on Rascal Scooter vs. Elevator Shaft – This can’t be real….
A South Korean man unwisely rammed elevator doors and took a fatal tumble down the elevator shaft

UFO Sighting in China Shuts Down Airport…They are coming for us…We are all going to die….

NY Strip Club Refuses to Close….who fucking cares….

Woman Chases Husband Around Wendy’s on Motor Scooter…I wish I was there…I miss all the fun….I need this footage..

Carwash Meltdown Caught on Tape
A frustrated customer went nuts after a change machine didn’t work and did $20,000 of damage

Saudi Prince Beats Servant in Elevator
Prince Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud is accused of murdering Bandar Abdullah Abdulaziz in a frenzied sex attack at London’s Landmark Hotel on Feb. 15. Cuz Arabs are sane,

CT Teacher Accused of Having Nude Photos of Student on Laptop

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stepNEWS of the Day

I haven’t posted the news in a while…it’s not because there hasn’t been any news…it is because I am lazy….and shit takes time to find and is the on thing I post that gets a ton of fucking hate….but sometimes I can’t hold back and need to bring it…so here.

14 Year-Old Boy Sexuall Attacks 9 Year-Old Boy on Playground

Breakdancing guy takes out innocent bystander girl at New York City bar…I wonder if he got to fuck her….

Woman Accidentally Superglues Eye Shut, Mistakes Super Glue for Eye Drops

PA Moms in Trouble for Arranging Fight Between Daughters….The future of this family…will probably end up in porn…

Street Justice in Memphis: Neighbors Beat Up Burglars

Cast of Glee Lend Their Voices for Rape Victims

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stepNEWS of the Day

Hey Hater. Here’s your favorite segment on the site…that I post for no reason other than to annoy you by educating you on like-minded retards to retarded things that landed them on the internet, local news, and in some cases prison….

Mom Lies to Son, Tells Him He Has Leukemia, Tells Friends He’s Dead

Man Arrested for Exposing Himself at CT Courthouse

Pennsylvania School Controversy Over KKK Costume in Classroom

College Student Commits Suicide After Roommate Exposes Secret Sex Tape
A Rutgers student, Tyler Clementi, jumped off a bridge after his freshman roommate set up a camera in their dorm room and exposing Clementi’s kiss with another man on the internet

High school student injured by glass bottle while running

Acid Attack Liar In Court

HIV Bear AD Doin’ The Rounds A Year Late

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stepNEWS of the DAy

Everyone hates the news and I think that’s what compels me to post the shit…it’s like my way of telling you that I hate you…I’m passive aggressive like that…and here are some stories about people I wish I could get to know and be friends with because they are more famous than you…

Segway firm owner Segways from Life to Death on a Segway….How embarrassing, ironic and Hysterical…

Germans Compete in Pumpkin Boat Race

OK Police Arrest Thief Dressed as Woman

Police in Oklahoma arrest a burglar in high heels and a dress after a short pursuit

Thief Hides in Dumpster, Calls Cops When He’s Caught in Giant Trash Compactor

Australian Political Party Wants Teacher to Carry Tasers in Class

Bonus –

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here is my favorite feature of the day that everyone who comes to the site hates – since it’s hard to jerk off to the news – unless your only TV channel is the news and you’ve got a boner, no internet or magazines and the neighbor’s daughter isn’t sun tanning in the backyard….if you know what I mean….or you are weird….which you probably are, since you are visiting this site to jerk off and there’s nothing normal about that…and there is nothing normal about these weirdos in the news…

Mullet Man Stops Intruder in CT

A man with a gigantic mullet came face to face with an intruder that he was able to scare off – I am ready for the remix of this…

PA School Bus Driver in Court for Tickling Students

OH School Janitor Sentenced for Sex with teen

FL Cop Fired Over Fake Call to Get Girlfriend back

A Florida police officer, desperate to talk to his ex-girlfriend, conspired to get her to respond to a fake crime alert at a mall.

Oklahoma Kidnapper Falls Off Bridge in Standoff

A kidnapping suspect fell off a bridge after a standoff with local police

Metal Stands Collapse at Car Race in Brazil

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here is everyone’s least favorite feature – even though there’s some serious funny shit ever once in a while, but I guess there’s no real accounting for taste or sense of humor…and I guess if you really analyzed the shit, you’d know it’s actually seriously depressing…but here are some clips from today….they come with no guarantees…

Braves OF Trips Phillies Fan on Field

Flying Fish Attack A Mid-South Woman in Mississippi
Hundreds Of Asian Carp Leave At Least One Person Injured

Man Claims Insanity by Caffeine, Murders Wife
After strangling his wife with an extension cord a Kentucky man pleaded insanity by caffeine….Good one….

Twitter Hacked, Sending Users to Porn

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here is some shit going on in the news…..cuz the world is doomed….

Six Your Old Kicked of Cheerleading Squad Over Racy Cheer

A Michigan mother concerned about the suggestive cheer her daughter’s squad was performing spoke up and got her daughter kicked off the squad for the year.

Atlanta Man Shot and Killed Over a Beer
A man in Atlanta was shot and killed after refusing to hand over a beer

Marijuana Ice Cream Hitting Shelves
Marijuana patients in California will now be able to buy marijuana laced ice cream

Man Arrested for Flipping Out on School Bus

A father, frustrated with the treatment of his daughter on a school bus, was arrested in Florida for threatening boys on the bus for placing open condoms on his daughter.

Pepper spray mistaken for cologne

CAMBRIDGE – A group of children playing at the playground of the Cambridgeport Elementary School were pepper sprayed by accident this morning.

A Cop’s 7 Year Old Shot His Brother with his Dad’s Gun……

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here is everyone’s favorite daily feature that leads to hate mail, which in and of itself, makes it worth posting, because people have stopped bothering with me, they used to hatefully call me out every fucking day, but for some reason, the stepNEWS is the only thing that strikes a nerve now, pretty fucking weird…

Caught on Tape: Darth Vader Robs Convenience Store

A Michigan man robbed a store wearing a Darth Vader mask and wielding butcher’s knife

Caught on Tape: MN Teen Attacks Cop Car with Bat

Rape Charge Dropped Against Rabbi

A valley rabbi was accused of raping a young girl, but now all charges against him have been dropped.

FL City Manager Married to Porn Star, Citizens Upset

The hiring of a new city manager in Flagler Beach is stirring up emotions in the small town of 5,000 residents.

Woman Dragged Out of Circle K by Ex-Boyfriend..Treat that Negro Right.

WI District Attorney Sent Sexy Texts to Domestic Abuse Victim

A Wisconsin District Attorney sent inappropriate texts to a woman whose boyfriend he was prosecuting for domestic abuse

Man Sues Woman for Krazy Glue Penis Scam

Caught on Tape: Robber Makes Off with Liquor Down Pants

A man stuffed $518 worth of liquor into his pants and walked out of a Fenton convenience store over the weekend, police say.

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stepNEWS of the Day

I know some of you really can’t stand the stepNEWS, I get more hate over this than “Negro”, “Fag” and “Faux-Fag” jokes…Seriously, I call women out for being whores daily, but for some reason posting clips of idiots being idiots cuz it makes me laugh gets at lest one of you very fucking angry….

I guess “news” is too much thinking for your moron self…which makes me wonder why you haven’t ended up in this post…pretty much designed to celebrate morons….

Man Arrested for Exposing Self to Cop on AZ
A 33-year-old man has been charged with indecent exposure for exposing himself at a public park restroom.

Clown Charged With Sex Offense
Kids around D.C. know him as Fonzie the Clown. To law enforcement, he is Alphonso Pittman. And for at least the fourth time, Pittman has been charged with a sex offense. This is pretty obvious….

News Anchor Broadcasts in Boxer Shorts

Delta Pilot Arrested for Being Drunk on Duty

School Suspends Kid for Bloodshot Eyes
Administrators at Byron Nelson High School in Trophy Club suspended a 16-year-old boy on Tuesday because his eyes were bloodshot and they thought he might have been smoking marijuana, but he was crying because his father recently died.

OH Woman Arrested for Teaching Her 2 Year Old Daughter to Smoke Pot on Video….Ghetto Obvious….

School Presentation Gets Suddenly X-Rated With Hardcore Male Pornography

White Trash FL Man arrested for using BB gun on son to jog
Bonus: Horrible hat tanline

1-Yr-Old Girl Nearly Drowns in Toilet

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stepNEWS of the Day

After seeing a man with Tourette’s getting his Karaoke on to REM’s “Losing My Religion.” I figure there’s no real other story worth watching…but I that’s not news…that’s probably a dude bullshitting his way to internet fame…so here are a few other stories….

FL Teacher Arrested for Groping Student

Weak Video: Dancer Gets a Handful of Usher’s Rig on Stage Even Though He’s Gay
During Ushers Little Freak live performance at the American Music Festival in Daytona Beach FL, female back-up dancers grabs his crotch

Old Miss Students Worried About Panty Thief

FL Teacher Arrested for Groping Student

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stepNEWS of the Day

My friend just told me he was at Walmart earlier today and a homeless lady lost her fucking mind because she got caught stealing condoms and nyquil. I love watching crazy shit, but unfortunately my friend isn’t up to date on technology and didn’t have a video camera on him, like 90 percent of the times I see something interesting….so it will never make it in the stepNEWS….but here is some shit that did…

OH Hair Salon Attack Leaves Mom Needing Surgery

A misunderstanding, a bad haircut, and a fight left a mom being attacked with scissors

WNYW Reporter Interrupted During Live Shot

Tai Hernandez of WNYW is interrupted by a passerby during a live shot report on the Mosque in Lower Manhattan.

Naked Man Found in Slide at Playground

A PA man was found naked and holding a bag of marijuana

Student Claims Teacher Got Her Pregnant

A special education student has filed a lawsuit claiming that a D.C. teacher got her pregnant. The suit also blames the city school system

Penn State on Alert Over Flasher

World’s Largest Breast Implants Removed

The world has come to know her well. Sheyla Hershey is known for her striking smile and her large M cup breast implants. She has tried to save them for the past three months, but that fight has come to an end.

MS Mother Knowingly Lets Kids Move In with Convicted Child Molester

A Mississippi woman is accused of knowingly pimping out her teen sons to a convicted child predator

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stepNEWS of the Day

I just watched Jerry Lee Lewis on The View because Whoopi Goldberg is porn to me. It was nice to see a man who sacrificed his career to marry a 13 year old cousin performing after all these years of living what would have been a criminal life, in therapy talking about why he likes fucking girls who haven’t hit puberty yet, but it wasn’t criminal at the time….

Either way, he rocked the fuck out, despite struggling to put two sentences together, reminding me that there are real talents in the world, you know people who just have it. I am not one of those people. I don’t have any notable skills. Maybe that’s why I drink…

So I’m just gonna post the stepNEWS for now….while I go find myself.

PA Teacher Accused of Propositioning Female Students for Sex

A female teacher was caught texting students for sex in western Pennsylvania

Illegal Abortion Clinic in Maryland Shut Down

Memphis Man Busted for Indecent Exposure at Park

NC Restaurant Bans Crying Kids

Olde Salty’s, a restaurant in North Carolina, will not tolerate crying, screaming, or whining kids.

MGM Lion Attack in Las Vegas

Graphic video of a lion attacking it’s trainer at the MGM’s Vegas Wildlife Habitat. This is hardly an attack…I wanted to see some BONES…

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