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Bottle Cap Challenge Winner of the Day

This is not hot, but when female ejaculation first became a thing people talked about, back in the early 2000s, I got a DVD or maybe it was a VHS called The Art of Female Ejaculation…an instructional video on how to squirt…and the bitches teaching it were some self proclaimed sex positive women in their late 50s who you’d expect to see at a swingers club / trailer park…and I was still able to jack off to their vaginas…their terrifying vaginas…

So this bitch, some instagram Holistic sex and relationship expert who is also a Vaginal weight lifter with an Orgasmic Enlightenment podcast….decided to open her bottle with her pussy…gripping the bottle cap and dropping it – NO HANDS….and that’s some artistry I endorse…Olympic Sports this shit. It’s amazing.

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What Crabs Mean to Me of the Day

This is the best video of all time….about what crabs mean to a nice old lady….Crabs are an STD of the past thanks to bush being murdered, waxed and non existent….

I kinda feel bummed that the last time I had crabs was after taking a shit at a rave while high on speed in the early 90s….not cuz they are fun…but because I love the bush that comes with them….

All this to say that this video is amazing…I guess old ladies talking about Crabs can only be amazing….especially when they say “Fucked my pee hole with a home pregnancy test”

Thanks Josh for all the Crabs
Best video ever.

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Weird Meat Grinding Pussy Video of the Day

Here’s an obscure, even boring, definitely stupid video that was emailed to me, and that I am posting for one simple reason….if you wait long enough….you’ll see a bitch grinding meat out of her pussy…and that’s the kind of shit…along with pussy puppet shows…that dreams are made of.

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Best Magic Trick Ever of the Day

There’s a movement called the 5 second film festival that I think is genius because my attention span is 5.5 seconds…so this is the perfect amount of time to suck me in and win me over….like this entry…showing the best magic trick ever…one I am sure husbands and baby daddy’s everywhere wish they knew the secret of….cuz staging a car accident or pushing her down the stairs…or faking a violent dream….or drugging her and dropping her off at the abortion clinic is far less effective.

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Hot Aussie Girls In Their Underwear of the Day

I hate to be an asshole to some DJ who has the ability to lure a decent amount of pretty decent looking girls to run around and play around in their underwear…..but I’m so not feeling this song at all…..maybe I’m old, maybe I don’t get it, maybe I’m just too fast on the mute button trigger finger…..but I believe that getting hot young girls half naked makes hits….so shitty song or not….it doesn’t matter…cuz I watched it…and I’ll probably watch it again…it’s good foreplay for masturbation…you know if these are just everyday girls who want to be in a music viddeo acting like strippers and not actual strippers…I have serious hope for the younger generation…so much hope I’m gonna start trying to hang out with them…

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Real Hot Bike Rental Video of the DAy

Best bike rentals in the globe. from Stason bros. on Vimeo.

Some things are better with half naked hipster chicks dyking out……especially bike rental videos….every single commercial on TV….and well as every single thing I experience in my life should play out like that….I am going to work on making that happen…cuz the world is filled with too many uptight prude chicks unwilling to suck a handlebar, too busy complaining about your weight, your household income, who is gonna take the kids to school and you know what…that fucking sucks…but this….this is amazing….hipster Russian who are well versed with the sex trade…changing the face of what we jerk off to…..HOT. If you’re a hipster girl willing to get naked – feel free to email me so we can have sex.

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