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Steve Wozniak and Karina Smirnoff Rock Dancing With the Stars of the Day

I want to fuck Karina Smirnoff, sure she hasn’t got the hottest face of all time, but bitch looks like she fucks like a machine. She’s a trained dancer and wears sheer dresses and moves like a goddess. I have only fucked a trained dancer once and I remember it being pretty legendary because I could just sit back while she popped and locked and whatever other dance moves she had in her catalog on my cock, her body tight and her stamina better than mine.

The point is that I watched Dancing With The Stars last night at a friend’s house and saw this autistic computer engineer who founded Apple, and felt a little awkward watching his awkwardness, until realizing that he was the guy who was fucking Kathy Griffin and the idea of them licking each other’s asshole scares the fuck out of me, but not as much as Tom Bergeron’s constant Apple jokes, dude coulda gone on all fucking night.

Watch the video, shit’s pretty funny shit….and when you’re done with that watch Holly Madison bringing back her old stage dance back when she was a stripper…

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