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Steven Klein’s Equinox Campaign of the Day


Equinox is an overpriced gym that rich and famous people go to, because they are like all people, drones sucked into their scene, who all do and like the same things, over and over, because they are just trying to fit in.

It’s like everyone is a fucking drone, who goes to the movies to laugh at the same jokes they saw in the Trailer 3000 times…which makes for an interesting opportunity…you just need to trick them into liking what you do and what are a about and next thing you know – you’re the President of the United States…saying “shit…people are dumb”….

So rich people, like Equinox, and Equinox likes rich people, and brands that like rich people need to do trendy things and edgy with fashion photographers to keep the profile up there and their campaigns are great….like this one…based on commitment…

Clever…but I prefer last year’s breast feeding.

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A Bunch of Boobs – Including Kendall Jenner for Love Magazine of the Day


Steven Klein’s an awesome photographer, and this shoot for Love Magazine, is pretty fucking awesome. It features…Kendall Jenner, Lexxi Bowling, Malgosia Bela, Caroline Trentini, & Toni Garrn and it is about boobs…

I don’t know if these are real boobs, fake boobs, fashion boobs, statement boobs, I just know that they are pretty grimy, pretty hot, and pretty amazing…which I guess would make sense since this is for a Fashion magazine, and fashion magazines are supposed to be pushing the fucking limits…making commentary on or tit and ass filled social media whores with no substance trying to be famous even though not deserving it flimsy content world…

here are the pics..

here are some uncensored pics

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