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Steven Tyler’s Fiance in a Bikini TOp of the Day

This is Steven “everyone’s favorite woman on primetime TV who makes J.Lo look fat and manly” Tyler’s lesbian lover in a bikini top…I’d say they’re working on getting gay married apparently because they are engaged….and he took his song “Dude looks like a lady” a little too seriously…but that would be a bad joke….and despite being good at bad jokes…It still humilates me…

That said, she’s young…she’s in a bikini…she has no name…and she’s a she…but could also be a dude looks like a lady….but at 60….any young pussy so long as it has a pussy, even if it is a pussy you wish was in your pants literally…is better than old pussy….

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I am – Fergie and Steven Tyler at Fashion Rocks of the Day


I live in a pretty open minded city when it comes to Fags, mostly because there are a lot of fucking fags and we don’t have a choice in the matter.

It’s funny when I talk to other people tho, cause I hear that it’s not so liberal in other places, and I guess the liberal in me says I should be able to fuck who I want, make or female, and everyone else has that right as well.

Still, I think we are making big moves forward for the Gays when I turn on the television and I see an old homo with a heavily made up drag queen next to him on stage singing a duet together for all of America to see. THAT my friends, is progress!

hugs and kisses
Marie-Eve Martinez

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