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Stevie Lynn Jones Skeleton Titties of the Day

Her name is Stevie Lynn Jones and I doubt you’ve heard of her. She only has 12k followers on INSTAGRAM which is basically saying she doesn’t exist….

Her IMDB tells a bit of a different story, because she’s had work, some as recent as a recurring role on the CW’s Nancy Drew…you’d think that her social media would be more major…there’d be more of an impact but then you gotta remember that not all shitty CW shows can be Riverdale, or Pretty Little Liars, or whatever other shows the CW has produced that have made superstars….some shows are duds and some recurring roles aren’t memorable…

You’d asssume that being on TV would have had more impact on her social media, but I guess the world doesn’t work like that, 99 percent of hot sluts with a million followers on instagram aren’t on TV….and since the industry likes to reward actors with followers because it guarantees a place to market the show, to get viewers to the show, etc….it’s time to get them tits out to get noticed…grow that audience the way your tits are designed for…we call this dipping a toe in slutty, keeping it Halloween themed….but girl needs to really step it up harder because 12k for a person on TV is numbers that you’d probably want to kill yourself over, a “I suck that bad that even being on TV keeps me less relevant than the Barista in some random small town”….but we’ll assume she’ll keep on trying with these tits.

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Stevie Lynn Jones Up-Short of the Day

Stevie Lynn Jones

I don’t know who Stevie Lynn Jones is, but I am watching the Netflix show about the closet case homophobeon the Jenny Jones show who was mad that his male friend proclaimed his crush to him…..so he killed him and they sued TMZ’s dad Warner Brothers who was at the time also Jenny Jones’ dad.

Not that you care, but the next two posts will be about girls with the last name Jones who act or have some level of fame…no matter how low that level of fame is…


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Stevie Lynn Jones Bikini of the Day

Stevie Lynn Jones Bikini

Stevie Lynn Jones is some 23 year old. Her wikipedia is pretty vague and for some reason coming up in some other country language that I don’t understand but apparently she was on the show SCREAM…which I watched all of…because teen dramadies make me relive a high school life I never had…or maybe I am just a pervert into 23 year olds pretending to be 16 year olds…..while watching bullshit storylines unfold…in a mindless who-done-it without any real twist and turns but enough for me to half retard out when watching so that I don’t lose the storyline….as I look at nudes on my phone…

Here is her weight loss..and it’s further proof that a fit body is a hotter body…so girls…break up with food and start getting hot again…

Here are her nipples..cuz that completes the circle of life of a young slutty actress on social media.

Stevie Lynn Jones Nipples


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