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Stoya for Oyster Mag of the Day

Stoya is a pretty legendary and successful pornstar and like a few pornstars before her, she’s decided to do some mainstream fashion editorial shoots, this time for OYSTER MAGAZINE ….She is shot by Tim Barber and I may not know Stoya, but I’ve heard she’s one of those geniuses who got into porn because it’s really easy money and not that big of a deal, who has an actual education, or at least something of interest to say, possibly full of shit like Sasha Grey or the Duke University chick, or maybe legit like my girl ASA AKIRA who I interviewed ….because some porn girls are amazing, others are shit, like some photographs of porn girls are amazing, and others are shit…this one is up there with amazing, because of the bush, the hipster fashion feel, and that’s just what I happen to be into…

All this to say…here are the pics.

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Pornstar Stoya’s After Sex Glow of the Day

I have been spending a lot of time at a McDonald’s with a drug addict who has uneven legs, a sunken face and one platform show, like motherfucker’s still in the 70s and into disco. I also hang with a couple really old ladies, one who orders two coffees, one for her and one for her dead husband who she always says is on his way, he’s just parking the car, but doesn’t show up for the 3 hours she sits there. Then there’s a schizophrenic dude who talks craziness and always brings one or two new personalities with him, so the daytime McDonald’s scene is pretty intense. I only go because they have TVs and wifi.

Today, I was watching Canada’s answer to Access Hollywood and half their stories were screenshots of shit celebrities posted on twitter. They’ve become lazy and now instead of digging, they just have to post garbage these celebs or their staff post, because I guess that’s what fuels a site as useless as that.

So I decided to do my own twitter digging and all I came up with was this picture of pornstar Stoya that she took when she just finished a scene. You can see the after-whore glow, and some nipple, knowing she just got fucked hard and dirty in exchange for money. I figured you’d want to see it, even though I’ve never heard of her….even though she’s AVN’s 2009 best startlet because I don’t give a fuck about porn, pornstars and prefer local sluts….

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