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Mel B Gets Hugged By a Dirty Lookin’ Friend of the Day

We’ve already established that Mel B must have been a whore to get to where she is because based on her face, but I didn’t realize she’d get it on with anyone who comes along. I guess she’s the kind of woman who uses her pussy to make her feel like she’s got value, like she’s got it going on, like people still want her, like the best is yet to come because accepting that the good times have come and gone is a depressing thought, and that would explain her illegitimate pregnancy, and probably why she’s got this homeless lookin’ thing latching onto her. I used to know a girl who was like Mel B, with low self esteem who would use her pussy to self destruct by fucking tons of dudes without condoms, eventually ending up with many fucking STDs and a drug addiction, because there comes a point where your loneliness and lack of self worth because you get the same jobs as Aubrey O’Day take whatever attention or affection you can get as your standards and hygiene go out the window….

Pics via Bauer

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Tara Lipinski Gets Hugged By a Random of the Day

I am being fucking lazy today, it happens, especially when your day is spent sitting at a computer writing random shit about people you don’t care about, kinda hard to get yourself out of bed, but I still have a few things lined up even though it’s the end of the day, but in the meantime, I am going to throw up this video of Olympic skater, Tara Lipinski, who isn’t hot, but worth jerking off to when you only have one channel and figure skating happens to be on, because you get to see their figure skating panty asses and they show off their flexibility, and that’s enough for me to work with. Anyway, she got hugged from behind out in Hollywood by some random guy and it made me laugh.

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