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Tara Lipinski Figure Skating Social Media Bikini Ass of the Day

Tara Lipinski, along with every slut from instagram is in Europe this week. I guess it’s the place the rich go in the summer. You know to get their Mediterranean on….and she’s showing off her ass…her athletic, raised and trained from a young age…giving her that muscle memory from living that Olympic figure skating dream…to have an ass this good at 36.

Along with being a 1998 Olympic Champion, this American hero….won some important contest at 14 years, 9 months and 10 days…which todate is the youngest ever…

If you watched the Korea Olympics last winter, she is also the girl you jerked off to between Figure Skating skates…analyzing the skates…no wait…that was Johnny Weir…you trans loving queer…

Point being, one of the only televised sports that we can jerk off to, where the women still look like women, is figure skating…so here’s a figure skating ass…20 years later, because you know all the star figure skaters are barely legal…making it even more of a women’s something you like to jerk off to..

At first glance, I thought she was being pissed on here… close enough

Tara Lipinnski Slutty Bikini Getting Pissed On

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Tara Lipinski Expired Figure Skater Pose of the Day

Tara Lipinski the gold metal Olympic figure skater / midget freak who can ice dance like she was sent from heaven, channeling god through her little midget freak hips, to spin like she’s having a religious experience..the way her coach who probably molested pounded into her brain at her parent’s request because they saw talent and wanted an olympian daughter as parents do…

Well, she’s doing a slutty bikini pose, mid 40, for you perverts who love America on American Day…USA USA USA.

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Tara Lipinski’s Sponsored Honeymood Butt in a Bikini of the Day

It looks like Tara Lipinski is trying to draw as much attention as possible to herself via the butt shot in a bikini for what is apparently her honeymoon that is hashtagged to shit #thehoneymoon #TNTHoneymoon making me assume she got a free honeymoon thanks to a TV show…magical whoring without actually having to suck dick for money….ROMANCE…in a world where no one should theoretically give a fuck about Figure Skating erotica now that it is in its mid 30s…doing some “Stars on Ice” bullshit…not OLYMPIC shit…

Shes 4 foot 9….creepy….good fit midget athlete ass though…I mean she is 35…muscle memory doesn’t have Alzheimers yet…

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Tara Lipinski Gets Hugged By a Random of the Day

I am being fucking lazy today, it happens, especially when your day is spent sitting at a computer writing random shit about people you don’t care about, kinda hard to get yourself out of bed, but I still have a few things lined up even though it’s the end of the day, but in the meantime, I am going to throw up this video of Olympic skater, Tara Lipinski, who isn’t hot, but worth jerking off to when you only have one channel and figure skating happens to be on, because you get to see their figure skating panty asses and they show off their flexibility, and that’s enough for me to work with. Anyway, she got hugged from behind out in Hollywood by some random guy and it made me laugh.

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