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Kristin Cavallari in her Stripper Dress Preps for the Future of the Day

The good news of the week is that The Hills were finally cancelled. Sure it was a few years too late as far as I’m concerned, because from the day I heard of the shit, I knew it was fucking garbage people would eventually get tired of. It was a social experiment that made me lose hope in America for actually buying into the shit because the cast members who were supposed to be “real” people, in their “real” lives, but as their celebrity, their egos, their fame, their money and everything about them became its own annoying piece of shit entity, the TV show became as useless as it always was but people didn’t realize it was because the people involved were useless from the start….and instead took a liking….

The biggest loser in the whole thing was Kristin Cavallari who only signed back on after her ego and fame and celebrity told her she could have a legit acting career, only to come crawling back to the only people who would give her work the year it got fucking cancelled…

So if this is not a publicity stunt, it’s safe to say, she’ll be stripping or doing porn when she realizes the gravy train has ended and the lottery ticket has fuckin’ expired…and this dress will make a good first song costume at the stripclub…when that’s all she has left to pay her credit card debt she racked up when she thought the good times were here to stay…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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