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Some Rap Video With Girls in Lingerie of the Day

I like rap videos when they get girls in their lingerie and shake their asses, even if their asses aren’t prime fuckin’ quality, I mean what would you expect from a bunch of guys no one has ever heard of with limited budget for whores. I’m not picky, I spend most of my time in bootleg stripclubs, you know the ones struggling to stay alive, that offer cheap drinks and cheap women, so I’m down with this shit.

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Stupid Fucking Story about a Christian Virgin of the Day

Here’s a stupid fucking story about a Christian virgin and strippers…

Devout Christian Dave Dragas has landed a job at a lap-dance club – despite never having bed a woman. The 26-year-old, who doesn’t believe in sex before marriage, is propositioned by naked beauties every night. He even keeps a bible in his desk at the club where he works managing lap-dancers. But he must have the willpower of a saint because he’s never once been tempted. The virgin admitted that it took him six months to break the news to his dad, who refuses to accept his job. But he said his £35,000 a year job at Secrets club in Euston, London, will give him enough cash to provide for a family one day.

Maybe he isn’t fucking them because they are fucking ugly and as manager, dude’s first task should be getting new girls, just as soon as he’s done showing off to his his bosses who pay him 70k a year, how much of an asset he is to them through the publcity they are gettinf for this shit story.

The truth is, I am sure you have a lot more interesting stories about your virginity and strippers but here are the pictures to go with the story anyway….

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