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Rihanna is Fuckin’ Done of the Day

I get that Rihanna pulled that whole “My boyfriend beats me” bullshit to get some attention because she saw that a lot of more talented people were coming up around her. She pretty much knew she was on her way to being totally irrelevant and uninteresting, so she had to act smart and act fast. See when these fads peak for a few years and make a ton of money, they have a hard time accepting that they’ve peaked and that it is just down hill from here. They hang on as hard as they can, they even spend their own money, sacrifice their integrity hoping something sticks…but she just fucking sucks at singing, her sex appeal is pretty much dead to me, she has stupid clown hair and the fact that she calls the cops on her men when they get a little rough makes her a boring and a cry baby I want nothing to do with. I’m just hoping the rest of the world agrees cuz Rihanna is fuckin’ done.

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Saturday Night Live is Fucking Garbage of the Day

I accidentally watched this shit and I mean serious fucking shit this weekend because I was too lazy to change the channel at this asshole’s house I was at, it turned out to be one of the bigger mistakes of my life, I mean other than picking up my first drink, never getting educated, never landing a real job or being able to keep a job long enough to climb up the ladder to retirement, or sleeping with the trash I’ve stuck my dick on, or marrying my wife despite her being fat, but it was definitely up there.

I don’t have to really give you my reasons why I hate this smut, I figure it does a good enough job of it. It is not funny, it is weak, and I hate weak….despite producing weak content everyday, I don’t like to subject myself to that kind of thing….

Speaking of weak, I hate Andy Samberg. I posted about how Marky Mark is an anti semite, at least when it comes to generating some publicity about himself, where he threatened to beat up the Jew, then a couple days later he’s making a fool of himself on SNL trying to regulate this beef no one cares about in the lamest fucking way. I hate how Samberg backed down from his joke, if you say it or do it, stick to your guns and don’t be a pussy about it, I hate how Wahlberg threw a fake punch and said let’s hug it out bitch, like he used to say while sucking his male backup dancer from The Funky Bunches dick before he found Jesus.

Either way, here’s the clip.

The only way this could have been a bigger disaster of a show, would have been if they threw in David Blain jumping off a tower on cables and the cast of The Hills whining about their daily irrelevant drama only teenage girls care about because they wish their lives were that interesting.

Bonues….They did this Sarah Palin Rap….

Saturday Night Live, you can kill yourself now, people have tried to save you, they’ve put you on suicide watch, they put you through rehab took you off cocaine and cleaned you up and you still fucking suck. So please die.

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