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Annalynne McCord Putting Her Big Mouth to Use of the Day

90210’s resident clown was seen adjusting her size 0 jeans and shoving some bread product into her big ol’ mouth on her big ol’ head, that may not be all that big to begin with, but by association her her ethiopian body, looks like she’s wearing a midget mask. It’s kinda the opposite of the optical illusion that happens when I take off my pants and girls see my second belly button where my dick belongs. I tell them, if I lost a solid 150 lbs, I’d be at least 4 inches hard, instead of my embarrassing 0.5 inches but you don’t care about my dick and either do the girls I take off my pants for, mainly because they are usually not expecting it, since I’m just the weird lookin’ guy on the bus that they’ve never seen before but know they don’t like how I am licking my lips at them, but you do care about taking this picture to photoshop and cropping out that bun for a cock to assist your jerking off because it’s pretty suggestive and in a life as dull as yours, suggestive is good enough and I’d say these words are just distracting you from getting to that, but I know you aren’t reading this shit and either am I, it’s kinda the equivalent of pressing the keyboard aimlessly while watching amateur porn, and that’s why I’ll end this post now.

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