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Lindsay Lohan Proves Suicide Scars are the New Sad and Sexy Accessory of the Day

Here’s Lohan showing us the new sexy trend and that’s suicide scars. I don’t know why she’s traded in her vagina slips and slutty behavior in for suicide scars, but I do know they are fucking sexy. Maybe I’m weird for liking survival from self-induced stupidity led on by self-absorbed selfishness brought on by a mean lesbian girlfriend, a bad family and a career that’s gone to shit, despite having tons of money and having had more celebrity or fame than most ever will, because at the point she’s at, the money doesn’t matter, she’s so self involved to step outside of that and realize how idiotic she is, because she’s just a whiney little bitch with nothing better to do than show cry-for attention level mental disorders. Real mental cases actually go thru with the shit, they don’t call suicide hotlines for help, they just hate themselves enough to end themselves, unlike Lohan who loves herself so much she just wants others to love her too, so she does this cry for attention.

The whole thing is such a turn on, but only cuz I like broken birds with fat tits and enough money to pay my bar tab and leather pants…so if 2009 was the year of death according to all the faggot magazines that try to find trends in uninteresting things to have a “Story”, I’m gonna predict 2010’s gonna be a lot worse….

Let’s hope Tila Tequila takes the steps Lohan takes to be with her wife in heaven like she wants so much, only she doesn’t stop at just a scratch….but this is about Lohan and she’s making Suicide Scars the new porn…but in Suicide Scar defense, I have a think for Lohan and everything she does is fuckin’ sex, even when she shits, but that’s only cuz Lohan shitting is a rare event, not eating kinda does that to you and here are the pics…..

Pics via Bauer

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