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Eva Mendes in Her Summer Dress of the Day

I haven’t been seeing all that many summer dresses this year. For some reason girls are more into high-waisted jean shorts that make their asses look flat and long, but luckily I was standing out in an unexpected rain shower the other day as I tend to do anytime I wake up and it is sunny out and I notice clouds rollin over cuz I know unexpected rain showers means unprepared people with no umbrellas and white clothing and some young tight bodied girl happened to be wearing a white dress that was soaked right thru and the only sad thing about the whole thing was that she was wearing underwear because I was curious about how she maintained her bush.

Not that that has anything to do with Eva Mendes, but really who the fuck is Eva Mendes anyway, do people care about her or what she does or what she is up to or pretty much anything about her life? I’m gonna go with no.

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