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Paris Hilton’s Lying On Her Balcony In Nothing But a Towel and Enjoying The Scenery of the Day

These are some stalker paparazzi pictures of Paris Hilton smokin’ something while sprawled out on her balcony after taking a shower in what looks like a towel. I am sure she’s happy she dished out that extra cash for the beautiful city-scape view that has unimaginably beautiful sunsets….rumored to be some of the best in the world, when all you really had to offer the slut is a full length mirror. I was wondering if she is thinking to herself how she’s just not the woman she thought she turned out to be, but that’s probably way to complex for this whore and she’s actually just trying to get herself in the mood to rub one out and she’s the only thing that turns her on because she’s self-absorbed like that.

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