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Paris Hilton’s Topless Sunbathing of the Day

I am not allowed to post these pictures of Paris Hilton sunbathing topless and it’s not because of the surgeon general’s warning that the bitch it tainted meat – I don’t know if you have a surgeon general in the USA but he’s the motherfucker who told me cigarettes killed babies and made the packaging way better by putting pictures of dead babies on the shit, but because I don’t have access to the pictures cuz the paparazzi agency who paid her for these don’t like me…and also because I was trying to do everything I could to make her disappear, but unfortunately, she’s much bigger than me but her tits definitely aren’t, and if I stop talking about her, no one else notices, people still care and it’s all because at 19 she had bad sex on camera…

So here’s some pics of her sunbathing to carry you into you boring weekend. I’m only posting on the weekend cuz I am so hungover I can’t fucking think straight or muster up the courage to leave my couch….so don’t get used to
it guy who is reading this site now cuz you have nothing else to do. Loser.

Follow This Link To See The Boring Pictures….

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