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Some McCain Supporters of the Day

Here’s another video of some McCain supporters who represent the opinion of probably a lot more Americans than you think. I am not going to imply that they are right or wrong, or that they are the same kind of people who tie ethnic people to the back of their pick-up trucks and drag them around the town as the rest of the on-lookers cheer, I mean logic like “nigger’s running for president area always second string” or saying that Palin spoke to the holy spirit seem pretty reasonable, not quite as reasonable as trying to convince the weird neighbor’s kid you assume is a homo to give you a blow job in your pick-up truck before beating him senseless for being a homo, or fucking your daughter when your wife’s not around because she’s the closest pussy since your pig’s out of commission because you think it may have got herpes from the gangbang you put it through with all your friends last weekend, but still reasonable. I mean sure Obama may hate white people, considering he is half white, his friends are white, he went to predominately white school and he’s the whitest fucking black guy around, sure with a name like Obama who has an African father has some Muslim roots, but there are millions of Muslim people in your country not blowing shit up. It’s just stupidity, that’s not to imply that you should vote for Obama over McCain because I would, it’s to say don’t let your car breakdown in small town Ohio….

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