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Roseanne Barr Talks About Her Vagina Surgery of the Day

So I’ve been posting these pretty disgusting clips of Whoopi Goldberg talking about menopause and how it makes her panties wet, which was surprising because the thought of Whoopi in panties makes me sick to my stomach but the thought of her in a pair of wet panties makes shit all okay because as long as a pussy is wet, I’ve got no choice but to try to stick things in it. There’s nothing less attractive than sticking your hand down a sleeping girl’s underwear to find nothing but a cold dry pussy because it makes sticking things in pretty hard and since the fucking thing is unwilling.

Anyway, Roseanne was on Craig Ferguson’s show that I am shocked actually is still on the air and she makes some vagina surgery jokes. I always just assumed that since Roseanne is fat, her massive vagina would be buried and not meaty, so I can only assume this is a joke, but if it isn’t and she’s serious about wanting to use her disgusting empty donut box, I probably wouldn’t say no. That’s not saying much about me, but it’s saying something and that something is that I am a fucking sick person.

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