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Ginger Spice Ass in Sweatpants of the Day

Nothing says hot smelling pussy like an unshowered girl in a pair of sweatpants….I expect this kind of outfit from the fat, lazy, disgusting crazy woman who lives in my building who I find in random places in random crazy person outfits, but not someone followed by the fucking paparazzi, I mean bitch coulda slipped into a pair of leggings, and at least it would look like she wasn’t a fucking slob who couldn’t be bothered getting out of her period clothes she wears around the fucking house when she’s feeling down…Ginger Spice made her career on being a whore, she shouldn’t forget her fucking roots. I guess she’s finally become the pig her pig face predicted she’d morph into as she got older….and sloppier.

Pics via Bauer

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Paris Hilton’s Ass in Sweatpants of the Day

Despite hating the paparazzi, I kinda need the paparazzi to give me shit to write about, making it a love/hate relationship. So I’ve been reaching out to them the last couple of weeks asking for more pictures of these celebrity bitches from behind, because I like a woman’s ass, especially when on a celebrity, because I hate celebrities and not seeing their face makes them far better looking to me. Not to mention this angle is the most believable angle in terms of visualizing a fantasy, because if I was ever to fuck one of them, it would be from behind because based on experience it’s the best way to rape a useless bitch you just dragged into a back alley who thinks she is better than you, mainly because they can’t bite you as easily. So the good news is the paparazzi listened, the bad news is that they decided to spite me by doing it with pictures of Paris Hilton and her really shitty, sloppy useless ass in sweatpants, because I guess they hate me too….Assholes.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Sophie Monk’s Dumpy Ass in Sweatpants of the Day

Sophie Monk still hasn’t been deported even though I think her time here is up and that her true calling working in the Outback of Australia picking up Kangaroo shit is a much better idea for her, at least based on how shitty her ass looks in these sweatpants, because this mess doesn’t belong on TV. She really looks a whole lot of sloppy and I figure if you’re out wearing sweatpants that on their own make you look like a slob who has given up on life like me, you better have a hot fucking ass to make it seem like it is ok. I’m done with this bitch, send her fuckin’ home….

Pics via INFpoto

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Mila Kunis is All Dressed Up for Comic-Con of the Day

Mila Kunis knows all the fuckin’ answers. She gets forced to do Comic-Con to promote some new movie she is in because it’s targeted to virgin comic book people and because it’s in her contract, so she figures she’ll go in her fuckin’ pajamas because the fact that she’s Mila Kunis is enough for the virgin weirdos to drop to their knees and start worshiping her for bringing a vagina so close to them in their own little world, a world that vagina is so scarce in, all while saving her time getting dressed up and done up and lookin’ good.

I guess virginal socially awkward geeks are good for a girl’s self esteem because they aren’t too demanding just as long as it’s a girl talking to them, and they haven’t fainted, shit is good enough. So if anything, it makes no sense why they are virgins because they aren’t as judgemental as regular dudes and give ugly chicks the opportunity to feel valued for a minute, while normal dudes are too busy laughing at them and callin’ them fat.

I guess what it comes down to is that no matter how ugly a chick is, she would only bed one of these Comic-Con type dudes if he made millions with his geek shit, and I’m talking dollars, not Star Trek models, I’m talking money, because money makes a vagina forget how fuckin’ lame an asshole and his collection of comics and action figures is and here is Mila Kunis lookin’ dumpy as shit, but still good enough for me, but that’s only because I have a crush on her mainly cuz I know she’s into ass play, based on the fact that she dates Michael Jackson’s boytoy Culkin who learnt about that shit at a young age….

Either way, here are the pics….

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