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Miley Cyrus at Sells Out for Her Sweet Sixteen of the Day

That’s right you kiss Minnie Mouse, you teenage whore, that bitch made you who you are today. If she asks you to lick her asshole you do it, if she asked you to fist her little mouse hole, you do it, if she asks you to sell tickets to celebrate your Sweet 16 with a bunch of fans you don’t give a fuck about, but you do give a fuck about your paycheck, you do it. If a man in a suit who says he’s a producer asks you to take off your pants, you do it. It’s the business baby, you’re just a pawn in it, making lots of other people rich and yourself famous, but remember you’ve got the last since you aren’t respecting your promise ring clause in your contract, but I don’t know if it counts if you breach that term and condition with the other signing party’s dick.

Either way, she’s 16 years old man, she’s a fucking baby and ripping her to shreds is going to do a whole lot of damage to her, so know that you, along with her parents, the people at Disney who are exploiting her and everyone else who hates her and thinks she’s a slut are responsible for the drug addiction and overdose her cards have lined up for her. Asshole.

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