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Some UK Swimathon Bullshit of the Day

I didn’t know people in the UK swam, I thought they were too busy working the mill and sweeping chimneys to find the time to do this shit. I’ve met people from the UK on the beach at various stages in my life and they’ve always been just as afraid of the sun as they were of the water. You know their weird pasty skin covered in full pants, blazer, button down shirt and a sun hat covering an already ridiculous burn on their hands, the only exposed skin, but it turns out that I was wrong. Here’s some bitch named Zoe Saimon trying to be playful at the pool form some “Swimathon” which I guess is for charity, but is instead reminding me of the opening scene of a softcore porn I used to jerk off to before I found real porn….kinda like how this is the pussy Irish people jerk off to because they haven’t found real pussy.

Pics via LFI

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