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Sydney Leathers Does Hardcore Porn of the Day

Sydney Leathers, a lady who I posted a EXCLUSIVE VAGINA RUBBING CLIP she starred in, better known as the opportunist who exposed Weiner in a vindictive fuck up his campaign because he wouldn’t have sex with her but rather just used her for NUDES, who’s opportunities were limited to shooting porn…for obvious reasons…a porn you can get HERE and that now has more than her just rubbing herself but also COCK …Cock that you can see her put inside herself in pictures by CLICKING HERE …it’s NSFW, but worth your time, because encouraging any girl who made it into the tabloids or being a slut to become a pornstar rather than a reality star…makes me happy…it’s like years ago girls wouldn’t be caught dead fucking on camera, now they do it to get famous…and I love every second of it…even if I don’t like what the girls look like..because they are fat and scary…


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Sydney Leathers Exclusive Vagina Rubbing of the DAy

I don’t find Sydney Leathers hot at all.

In fact, I find Sydney Leathers fat and disgusting to look at…you know the kind of girl Weiner only texted because she’s fat and disgusting and he felt sorry for her, and thought she’d never expose him…especially not like this…because it involves showing the world how fat and disgusting she is and that’s something normal fat and disgusting girls avoid the humiliation of….

She’s kinda hot in this THIS VIDE (NSFW) video…but then again I love when girls show me their assholes…

I find her uninteresting, I find her strategy obvious, I don’t find her worthy of the attention she’s getting for sexting…and I think exposing a dude who you masturbated with an asshole move..especially for such a silly personal gain like a porn career…and as much as I hate of every part of what she did…I actually appreciate what she’s doing…and that’s spreading her asshole for the world to see inside her soul, because the asshole is the gateway to a woman’s soul…

I’m ready for more of this shaved scandal…she’s so bad that she’s good….and let’s be real here…99 percent of porn chicks are uglier than this and they aren’t real everyday girls just trying to make it…making Sydney Leathers hot by default….I’m a fan…



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Sydney Leathers Nude Clips of the Day

In people who really don’t matter but matter news…Sydney Leathers, the girl who sexted Anthony Weiner, only to expose his dick in efforts to ruin him, like a little self-serving vindictive bitch, who happens to not have the tits, or ass, or even face and body to really deserve to be sexted in the first place….

You know the kind of girl who would really sext anyone horny and desperate enough to pay attention and sext back, just to make her feel desirable…to give her a taste of being a hot girl without actually being a hot girl…something that happens to ugly girls all the time, cuz guys are perverts and we will tell anyone anything to get the spread asshole shot as we’re jerking off…even if we’re actually disgusted by them…

Well, she’s got some sort of nude clips available at VIVID.com …which in itself is fucking awesome, because girls who get nude to next level their already low level careers make me happy.

So it’s clear that she decided to expose the Weiner for her own personal gain, not because she felt the people needed to know he’s still a pervert, but because she could leverage her own name, in a “You only got one shot” don’t miss it move…

No one likes a girl who exposes anyone, we call them rats, and in this case she looks like a lot rat…all pointy faced….a rat who has taken the Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Route , only unlike Farrah Abraham, no one actually cares…because Farrah is hotter and funnier and more relevant, which in itself is a pretty depressing thought….But as a pervert, who wants to see everyone naked, I prefer the this opportunist route to suicide…

I’ll watch any babe, even if she’s not anywhere near a babe, bang out on camera…Here’s what VIVID.com put out.

This is a flash in a pan kind of person who no one will remember in 5 minutes…but at least you’ve seen her tits…and I think it’s pretty amazing, even if it is textbook. Good Hustle..

I still think Weiner only fucked with her because he figured he was doing her a favor, being ugly and all. A make a wish foundation that he would have thought she would have been appreciative of. Thinkin’ to himself, she’s ugly, she’d never expose me, no one would believe her, she’d be too ashamed to show her ugly face, the media will chew her up, only to learn that ugly girls usually don’t think they are ugly and usually do more damage than the babes…lesson learned.


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