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Sylvie Meis Photoshoot of the Day

Sylvie-Meis was once Sylvie van der Vaart, but then she got a divorce.

I am sure I’ve written about her a bunch of times, she’s some Dutch “TV PERSONALITY” and “LINGERIE MODEL” who was actually just a WAG, or Soccer wife, that was probably low level modelling, you know handing out samples at some events, where she lured in her rich player husband. I can’t imagine the country being all that big, or the athletes all that unaccessible when the girls look like this…because even at 40, she’s pretty fucking substantial, and now, like so many other 40 year old divorcees on the divorcee tear, trying to piss off her ex husband during the divorce, especially when she finds out he’s got a younger girlfriend…or multiple younger girlfriends…and I guess this shoot is all part of that “I can still land a billionaire, because I am still hot, and I don’t need my ex husband, I just need the alimony” campaign…

She’s a survivor…first from Breast cancer and now from this…a titty survivor..I believe…

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