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Sylvie van der Vaart Bikini of the Day

What the world needs is another no name in bikini paparazzi pics. So here is Sylvie van der Vaart in a bikini. I don’t know who Sylvie van der Vaart is….but she is in a bikini and that is probably all you need to know about her….because that is all there is to her and what more do you really need, personality and intelligence…just get in the way….


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Sylvie van der Vaart in her Hunkemoller Lingerie of the Day

Some old as fuck, yet fresh faced, breast cancer surviving, soccer player wife, dutch models, who in 2003 was named Netherlands sexiest, are still worth looking at in their lingerie…

Her name is Sylvie van der Vaart, she’s been on the site a bunch of times, she’s 35, she’s rocking’ some breast cancer survivor implants, and I am a fan of her 5 foot 2 “Glamour” model hustle….

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Sylvie van der Vaart in Hunkemöller Lingerie of the Day

Because last night’s Victoria’s Secret informercial staged as a fashion show starring babes designed to sell product to the wishful thinkers on X-Mas… wasn’t enough redundant pics of girls in their underwear for you…because there is no redundancy to girls in lingerie ever…at least not to you…you’re addict and can never get enough pics of girls in their underwear…I get that…

But I find the whole thing boring on almost all levels…from masturbation…but I guess looking at these girls…makes life better for the single man…knowing that girls like this…or like the Victoria’s Secret girls exist…while making life for the married man better because they get to visualize this when fucking their fat wives…before realizing they didn’t marry this…or ever fuck anything like this…and masturbating to this is depressing…and this couples with their fat wife represents all that went wrong in life….

Her name is Sylvie and these are her lingerie catalog pics of the day….

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Sylvie Van Der Vaart in a Bikini of the Day

I don’t know who Sylvie Van Der Vaart is…but I know it doesn’t matter…at all because she’s in a bikini and her backstory is one I don’t really care to hear…as far as I’m concerned she is an untouched virgin who was sent here for my enjoyment…it allows me to appreciate her without hating her for the obvious attention whoring gold digging / gold mining reasons…that aren’t her fault, but the fault of society who have made pretty much every single girl that way…

Either way, nice tan….


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Sylvie van der Vaart Christmas Lingerie of the Day

Tis the fucking Season….for companies to pump out lingerie pics hoping to sell product to men who don’t know what to get their fat wives and to women recently divorced, or single for whatever reason…like devoting themselves to their career only to realize at 40 all the money they have doesn’t make up for the sacrifices they made….to buy the shit..in hopes of getting laid….

So seeing this older, but lovely, dutch model in lingerie brings me nothing but Holiday Cheer….it may not be a Christmas miracle…but it is good enough….and as someone with low standards and expectations…good enough,..is good enough….


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Sylvie van der Vaart Stupid Faces for Some Lingerie Company of the Day

Her is some stupid named dutch cunt who is some TV presenter, better known for being a football players whore of a wife who groupied out proper and because of it has got herself on TV and modeling lingerie….where she makes stupid fucking faces half naked that I ignore because I am too busy staring at her 35 year old mom tits in the fucking push up bra she’s selling…cuz old, washed up, or not…half naked is all I need.

To See The Rest of the Pics

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Sylvie van der Vaart in Lingerie on the Runway of the Day

Sylvie van der Vaart is some old dutch model who has been fucking the same professional soccer player since 2003 and who is probably less of a model and more of a WAG or football wife in terms of why she is famous….you know cuz “Netherlands’ Sexiest Female in 2003” probably wouldn’ t last 9 years without being attached to someone a little more important, since Netherlands’ Sexiest Female in 2003 is barely a fucking accomplishment….and in the grand scheme of things just doesn’t matter…

What does matter is that she survived Breast Cancer, and is now back to modeling what I can only assume is charity events to support saving titties, a cause I support and love, cuz the idea of a disease robbing our women of their breasts is an attack on our freedom….

What also matters is that she beat the cancer and is modeling in her underwear, rocking her possibly new nippleless cancer free tits….lookin’ pretty hot for a 34 year old….

Here is some Video…..

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Rafael Van Der Vaart and Wife Sylvie in Ibiza in a Bikini of the Day

I am pretty disgusted by people. You know when you see a hot girl who only gets with a soccer player because he’s considered a celebrity in whatever immigrant country they are from and has a lot of money, so that if this poor motherfucker worked at his dad’s hat shop and was out of shape from eating all the meatballs his fat wife feeds him, or whatever the fuck immigrant business they are in, she wouldn’t even give him the time of day.

It’s like how the fuck do you know a persons intentions, who is really sincere, are we on this solo life mission where everyone is out for themselves, I’d say thank god I don’t have to worry about this kind of thing, cuz people who talk to me are authentic and I know who is real, but that’d be a fuckin lie, I hate the hurtbags who talk to me and annoy me with their poverty, I wish the biggest worry for me was if a whore was with me for my money or my personality, because I already know I have a shitty personality and I also know thatI’d only be with her for sex and her hot ass pussy. I don’t know what an ass pussy is, but feel it’s popular in the Gay part of town…

Here are the pics of these people I’ve never heard of.

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