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Megan Fox Takeover Post of the Day

Everyone loves Megan Fox and she’s starting to grow on me. Maybe as time goes on, I get more and more perverted and less and less delusional about what a hot piece of pussy should look like, because being annoyed at the fact she’s had plastic surgery shouldn’t even be a factor in my feelings towards her, because I don’t know her, plastic surgery made her better than she was and as a man it is my responsibility to fuck her. The only time I shouldn’t be down with plastic surgery is when they are removing dicks, removing tits, or trying to fix burn victims, cuz no matter how much surgery burn victims get, they still look like like horror movie creatures and that’s not supposed to sound insensitive, it’s supposed to sound true.

Here’s some pictures of some Megan Fox cameltoe action….

Here’s some Megan Fox with her titties busting out of her shirt….

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