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Talia Storm See Through of the Day

Tallia Storm is some Scottish trash that packages herself as a pop star, but who attends events in stripper garments, because that’s the style in Scotland, apparently….that and Golf Breeches…or kilts….

Her mom was a PR person, who knew how to harness the power of social media to trick the slow to the gate bulky big businesses who have all basically destroyed the mainstream internet….knowing they’d need people like her daughter to help promote shit…or that they wouldn’t understand that you can buy fake views, followers, comments and manipulate all data…it’s the fucking internet bro…it’s not real….but you can cash the fuck in on it…I just haven’t…

Well in her cut out pants, because if you can make pants sexier why the fuck not, making he wonder why the cut-out isn’t where the crotch is….I mean if your pants don’t have a window for your panties to breathe and be seen, or your pussy, assuming these girls aren’t into panties….then are they really pants at all…don’t answer that because I already know the answer…they are not, they are not pants at all if you can’t see the cunt in them…

Her tit nipples area also hard, so jerk off to that if you’re into tit nipples on Scottish trash…like Haggis in a Robert Burns poem….whatever the fuck that means.


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Talia Storm Tits of the Day

Talla Storm is some “Singer Songwriter” who was basically produced or created by her mom, and not for obvious reasons, like being shit out of her mom’s cunt, we’re all created by our moms….but in this case her mom saw a potential of dressing her kid like a sex worker…it’s a trend…and put her out to the world of perverts in hope they notice her and thus buy her records and make them all rich…

You see, her mom was a PUBLICIST with a knowledge of digital marketing and if she didn’t. make a product out of her daughter she would be doing a disservice to all she knows about the world…MONETIZE!

I don’t really care about uneventful singers from Europe, but I’ll look at them in their silly slutty outfits, all done up like she’s about to do her slow dance at the strip club, which I guess is how girls dress these days…cheap and slutty…only they don’t price themselves out at 10 dollars a song, they think they deserve millions, so that disconnect needs to work itself out…and these girls need to go back to being 10 dollars a song…OBVIOUSLY…



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Tallia Storm in a Bikini of the Day

Tallia Storm tight black bikini

Tallia Storm is a nice reminder that if your mom is a publicist with a vision, pervert bloggers from Canada will one day be posting your bikini pics, because paparazzi they hire take them, and I figure support the industry of celebrities manipulating us with staged, contrived, low level marketing tactics, that seem more legit when the paparazzi take the pics, rather than just selfies or instagram photoshoots, which they all do also..

It’s a reminder of how easy it is to troll the world to think you matter…but also a young girl in a bikini…to promote the young girl as a musician…because mom knows the more half naked she goes the more people will notice…

It’s all such bullshit – but girl’s in bathing suits.


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Talia Storm Looking Good of the Day

Talia Storm is some Scottish singer with a PR mom who I guess put PR into work like most publicsts would when Talia Storm was young, and pulled whatever scam she pulled to get Talia Storm into the mainstream, not that I’ve ever heard of her…but I know she’s written articles (or her mom has as her) and bookes (or her mom has as her) and that she’s just getting love because in Scottland…blonde tanned bikini babes don’t happen, so when they do – you either sell them off to Page 3…or put them in a bikini in Cannes depending on how low level you want them to become…

She’s 18..and good…

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