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Tallula Willis Tits in a Bikini of the Day

Tallula Willis Tits and Ass Tight Blue Bikini with a Dog

It was National Dog Day yesterday.

The half naked Willis sisters were happy, it was a day for them to be celebrated, so they did what any would do, and got half naked to draw attention to themselves…and the fact that the dog is in the picture is just a diversion from the fact that the Willis Sisters, even the hottest of the Willis sisters are fucking dogs.


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Talula Willis in her Underwear of the Day


Talula Willis is the hottest of the WIllis sisters…I don’t know if she’s the lesbian one, or just the hipster one. I just know that she’s been an ambassador for the nipple campaign and in being an ambassador for the nipple campaign she’s found clever ways to put her nipple out on social media, which I think is a really notable cause, but more importantly, a good use of time…when you have a trust fund, don’t need a job, or even if you work at the local subway, I will like you better if you commit your free time to finding clever ways to show the world your nipple in pics as creatively as possible, so that they won’t get deleted off Instagram to prove a point to the world, and that point is that I can still jerk off to tits like it was the 80s…when her monster of a mom was just sucking dick to get a head

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