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Taylor Hill Pussy Print of the Day

Taylor Hill Big Pussy Print Bikini

Taylor Hill has the best Cameltoe of the week. I mean I can pretty much see her uterus, which is what I generally like about bikini bottoms that are one size too small that with the right amount of movement, or wetness,, allows us all to see her fucking soul…

I mean this Cameltoe pussy definition is so pronounced, I feel like it has a mind of it’s own, like it’s trying to escape her body and shout “I’m here too”…because as of now, whenever I hear the name Taylor Hill, in all her Victoria’s Secret marketing glory, I will remember this day…the day we met her pussy filled with bikini like it was Ashley Graham at the buffet.


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Models Lais Ribeiro, Romee Strijd, Taylor Hill, Josephine Skriver and Ming Xi Naked of the Day

Lais Ribeiro, Romee Strijd, Taylor Hill, Josephine Skriver

Model Lais Ribeiro, Romee Strijd, Taylor Hill, Josephine Skriver and Ming Xi Naked for Victoria’s Secret, some of the most sneaky pornographers around, disguised as a lingerie brand, in every mall, made in developing countries and maked-up to insane price points to cover the cost of paying the pornstars they use – and pretend are models….

I like that they’ve gone asian, to cover all bases, like that they haven’t gone with fat chicks to cover ALL sizes, keep the promo models hot…it’s important for the future of the country, give girls something to aspire to that may not happen, but that is better to strive for than being fat.

They hired some lame hipster photographer to be their photographer, and she’s got them all naked, in what looked like pissed soak instagram filter images, because I guess all hipsters must sell out, and in this me-too-era – you need to use a chick to take the creeper pics not a dude – because dudes are all rapists….especially photographers…which is something I am all for…I mean whenever I see 45 year old men taking half nude pics of 18 year olds I think…damn that dude’s a pervert – how’s this brand get away with his manipulative shit…and hey answer is that I guess they don’t anymore ant that it’s a good time to be a woman writer, director, producer, photographer – society needs to connect to all things woman…and I guess so do I..for masturbation purposes that is.

Here are skriver in bikinis..

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Taylor Hill’s Racy Skimpy Bikini of the Day

Taylor Hill on the beach with her tits in a purple bikini

Taylor Hill is some All-American looking Victoria’s Secret model, who like all the other Victoria’s Secret models, is tall and skinny the way a woman who gets paid to showcase her body should be…I mean she’s getting paid to be hot, that’s the single thing she’s being paid to do, to be a fat lazy pig about it, would be the equivalent of being some middle of the road call center girl, who hates the idea of working…but loves her cats, ice cream and the idea of a romantic getaway one day….

What I am saying is that unrealistic expectations aren’t that unrealistic, when you can clearly see it exists, and if girl wants that million a year to just be herself in images, she sure as hell better have a million dollar body…that she works on…

These fat girls move in, like fat girls trying to get a piece of every fucking pie, hence why they are fat…and they try to overthrow what we are into…because they aren’t part of it…cuz they are too lazy to eat well and exercise….

So seeing Taylor Hill in her bikini is great, especially since it’s a skimpy, tight fitting, one size too small even bikini jacked up in her twat that showcases her pussy

I dig it…but wish I was digging it out with my teeth..


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Taylor Hill Overrated White Girl with hot Daphne Groeneveld Models on Yachts of the Day

Taylor Hill is a little boring…but she’s with Daphne Groeneveld who is hot…and I guess their rich and dialed in older boyfriends…because these yachts don’t come free…unless some shit got swindled hard in the negotiations that made the yacht company absorb the yacht cost to have two hot models on the yacht…but either way…whether rich dudes they fuck pay, or rich dudes who own the yacht are gifting cuz they want hot pussy on bikinis on the yacht…they are still hookers to me…and I guess my oopinion is the only one that matters since I am the only one here reading this…but not actually… it’s more being shat out of my mouth than anything really…

But this Daphne Groeneveld…she’s pretty amazing….I am that round ass…is amazing…and I love young girls with round assese…there just seem to be so many around..and I want to be best friends with ALL of them.

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Taylor Hill for POP Magazine of the DAy

Taylor Hill has been a Victoria’s Secret girl for 2 years and she’s only 21….what a fucking slacker, when I was 21 I was running a multi million dollar business…or I would have been if I hadn’t taken up drinking all day everyday with my welfare check money…so maybe she’s not a fucking slacker…even though modelling is a pretty lame, boring, repetitive hustle….but at least she’s out there getting paid…

The most interesting thing about her is that she’s American, in an era where Americans are all fat and disgusting….

The other interesting thing about her is that she was found by an agent / photographer when she was 14 years old…meaning she’s got stage parents who sell her out to the industry and I guess they made the right choice…and more importantly…that there are creeper “photographer / agents” out there recruiting 14 year olds…which I guess was smart for him because he’s now getting paid but stilll…almost as gross as the creepy exploitative brand with their made in China sweatshop products and other girls they’ve exploited over the years….

But I guess no one views it as exploitative since they all get paid and money makes the world go round….not to mention, working for VS means press, and hustle, as they need her to be famous in and of herself to keep the profile of what they do and sell up….

She’s in POP magazine, I like this shoot…because of the sharks and she looks good enough to me…keep staring..

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Taylor Hill Suggestive Photoshoot for Sunday Times of the Day


Taylor Hill is the most basic, boring recent Victoria’s Secret recruit…I mean she’s hot, she looks good, she takes a good pic, she’s fine…but she’s overhyped, would be a good bartender or cocktail waitress, the kind of girl you creepily obsess over and go sit next to her entire shift every shift…but instead, some dude decided “That’s Our Girl”….I’m thinking she must have family in the scene, why her…why is she the Margot Robbie of promo modeling for billion dollar brands…why does she get the gig while so many girls don’t get the gig….what makes her the one…cuz I don’t fucking know..

Maybe she’s Lauren Hill’s daughter, or maybe the family King of the Hill is based on, or maybe her family invented HILLS…there are HILLS everywhere…right? There’s gotta be something going on here…I don’t know what that something is though…

She’s topless-ish for some Sunday Times fashion insert….slutttty promo model..

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TAYLOR HILL, IMAAN HAMMAM & ANNA EWERS are naked and cuddling in Vogue magazine because this is fashion and this is how fashion works…you can’t have fashion without a body…and I don’t really like that they aren’t doing a pussy eating train….that you would expect they would do when they are on those paid trips these rich guys hire them to go on…you know the yachts off the Coast of Greece, or wherever else they end up going…and it’s all so magical…but not publicly….that’s all for the snapchat stories…not the covers of magazines…you gotta keep that shit classy….and high class…and luxurious…it keeps your escorting rates higher and your trips better…

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Taylor Hill for Love Magazine of the Day

Hey Love Magazine Advent calendar – what kind of shit did you spew today? What is today’s garbage video with some well followed working model that no one actually cares about but that the marketing team at Victoria’s Secret, or the Jenner / Hadid factory created? Tell us creative geniuses what you put together with HYPE WILLIAMS ….

Oh shit…get her in lingerie in a studio on a white wall – and shoot her from a few angles and create the laziest garbage ever. No story, concept, vibe – nothing….and you can’t even jerk off to it…unless it you are weird and you are..

I only post this because I am not producing videos, and I rely on judging other people’s content and hating it…to make a site full of shit….no one cares about….

But I still think it sucks….and that Victoria’s Secret videos are higher concept than this…and that is terrible..because that mall brand is the worst…good body though…

Here she is for Vogue exercising anymore…

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Taylor Hill’s Christmas Shoot vs Stella Maxwells of the DAy


Taylor Hill brings the Christmas cheer for some bullshit fashion magazine – because she’s posing with Christmas lights, which is more Christmas that most brands are going – for fear of pissing off their non Christian audience – even though non Christians fucking love Christmas as much as Christians do – since Christmas isn’t even about fucking Jesus anymore – it’s about PRESENTS…and SANTA…and marketing…and food and drinks…and fucking recently divorced lonely women who don’t have the kids this year – cuz their dad took them to Florida with his new hooker wife…YES…miracles…little miracles…called all you can drink Christmas parties…and snowmen…and fireplaces…the warm shit, and not because you ate too many chilies, but because you realize you have a fucking soul…and some spirit…as you take all the free shit people donated to people like you – thanks to poverty….it’s the best time of year to mooch..and the best time of year to take advantage of the depressed…and if you’re a company the best time of year to cash the fuck in…so why all the Christmas Hate….maybe TRUMP will make Christmas great again…I’ve already heard him say “Merry Christmas”…something the PC would never do….

Not that any of that matters, I mean this is barely Christmas, it’s some VS model sprawled on a ghetto couch with lights…but it’s enough…you know…the kind of thing that inspires me to watch It’s a WOnderful life and wonder if they had anal sex would they still have as many kids….you know the important questions you should ask while watching Christmas movies……

I guess Stella Maxwell and some other Victoria’s Secret girl’s shoot is more Christmas…they even have a TWINK Santa and lots of GIFTS to remind you that going broke to impress family and friends is the primary goal of Christmas…and if you can’t afford to buy people nice things – you are a worthless human being who should kill himself…thanks MARKETING…

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Taylor Hill See Through of the Day


Taylor Hill is the new Victoria’s Secret model…you’ve never heard of.

One of the girls…they pulled out of who the fuck knows where…who they probably hold a seriously aggressive contract over her head…where they own her and her first born…because without them…she’s just another instagram model…

All these bitches are all the fucking same, but don’t realize it…because their heads are so far up their own self involved asses that they don’t know all the pics they are posting are the fucking same…..they are robots…

But now she’s got a big brand behind her and America fucking loves anyone who has a stamp of approval of a big mall brand..it makes them feel comfortable like she matters more than she does…and all I’m thinking is she’s be better suited for throat fucking porn

Because all of these whores getting overpaid are better suited for throat fucking porn…because that’s more representative of the kind of person they are as they whore out for big evil underwear brands…

She’s at fashion week – showing nipple…because…she sells herself or I guess sold herself…


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