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Taylor Hills Victoria’s Secret Promo Pics of the Day


Who the fuck is Taylor Hills….

No one knows…

She’s the new Victoria’s Secret model…you’ve never heard of. One of the girls…they pulled out of who the fuck knows where…who they probably hold a seriously aggressive contract over her head…where they own her and her first born…because without them…she’s just another instagram model…where they are all the fucking same, but don’t realize it…because their heads are so far up their own self involved asses that they don’t know all the pics they are posting are the fucking same…..

But now she’s got a big brand behind her and America fucking loves anyone who has a stamp of approval..it makes them feel like she matters more than she does…and all I’m thinking is she’s be better suited for throat fucking porn…but then again who isn’t…even though she doens’t have that much sex appeal…we call it Anne Hathaway sex appeal…it doesn’t exist…but I would still watch her get her throat fucked..

Here’s more “instagrammy” vibe because that’s the mainstream now..

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