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Taylor Wane Has Stupid Old Porn Tits of the Day

I have a thing for seriously weathered retired pornstars with stupid fucking tits, but only when they are out in public pretending they are almost normal, except for their really stupid fucking tits, when you can just go home and google their name to see some of their porn work , because I was in line earlier today behind the hottest 19 year old ass I have seen in a long fucking time, I wish I coulda gone home and googled her name to see her in action. It’s like all girls should have a fucking profile of their nude pics, dick sucking videos, and fucking videos, because all girls are doing it, why the fuck can’t I be in on it, even just as a voyeur, especially since getting that pussy to give me what I want will never happen since I am a married homeless looking man 19 year olds don’t really get naked for…so if she had any decency, the bitch would follow Taylor Wane’s lead and get a catalog of her nakedness online….cunt….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Shauna Sand Keeps Good Company of the Day

I guess it’s only natural to associate yourself with people with like-minded people and by like-minded I mean have the same plastic surgeon. By the looks of these haggard sluts, it looks like they have both spent their fair share of time in the waiting room and that’s where they probably met.

If you’re wondering who the girl Shauna Sand is hanging with, her name is Taylor Wane and she’s some Hall of Fame pornstar who looks like a fuckin’ mess, but then again a lot of pornstars look like messes by the time they are 25, you know with the drugs, dirty sex and hard lives, so I guess if anything, she’s the kind of woman you’d want to end up like, if you are new to the industry, because she’s not dead, she just looks it.

I just hate this fake porn shit, give me an everyday girl with a set of real tits and I don’t care how many guys she’s fucked, or how many times she’s had the Clap, I just can’t take the jacked up tits and faces, it’s too fuckin’ strange to me and I can’t figure out who told them it looks great…or how they can look in the mirror and think they look presentable enough to leave the fucking house, you’d think the pointing, screaming and crying kids would tip the off to covering up their fuckin’ shit. Ya know what I mean…

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