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Lindsay Lohan in the Shower #TBT of the Day

Lindsay Lohan in the Shower

I am on trend. You know with it, current, a man who gets down with the times, who connects to the youth and what they are into, up on the social media, not getting scammed by interent scammers trying to install phishing software on my computer to steal everything like other old people…but doing the abbreviated words, the hashtags, all that other good stuff….like THROWBACK THURSDAY….

With some LOHAN shower tits, cuz it’s not a throwback when a Lohan is in it because she is everything, but I asssume it’s some old ass titties, not the new Muslim her with the ESL accent…

Courtney Stodden is doing Melania Trump with her tits out – sounding like Lindsay Lohan’s new ESL accent….and I figure i should post it here…

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Rebecca Gayheart is the Throwback Thursday of the Day

Rebecca Gayheart Shops at Eggy

Every once in a while I like to participate with the daily mainstream internet themes, like Follow Friday, or Throwback Thursday….because I like experiencing how pathetic we are that together we are united over internet trends…

None of these matter, but everyone does it, and think it does, and in turn makes it matter…because when one person does it, the rest of us have to do it….and unfortunately “it” in this case isn’t mass suicide…please drink the Kool Aid..

That said, Rebecca Gayheart is a babe from the past, and she was recently caught by the paparazzi, like she still matters and it is reminding me of a time when she was in a threesome sex video with a hooker that Gawker released the exclusive on…her and her man…a hooker…doing drugs and fucking…but more interestingly, she ran over a kid, killing him because she was talking on her cell phone and in a rush to get to a meeting…and she never went to jail for it and for some reason…her being a disgusting human brings me joy.


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Throwback Thursday – Jessica Simpson’s Cameltoe of the Day

It is Throwback Thursday on instagram, and someone posted these two pics of Jessica Simpson from what I assume was many lives and pounds ago…that I don’t even believe are actually Jessica Simpson, but rather a lookalike with similar features…making it the #TBT of the day…even if it’s not actually Jessica Simpson, but instead just some trick in a white bikini all wet and see through…I mean it can’t be Jessica Simpson, despite her vagina being hungry, there is no way pictures like this would exist of her…but I am not a foresenic analyst, it’s good enough for me to remember the pre-baby…pre-weightwatchers…pre-competitive eating…even if it’s fake a shit…because ignorance is bliss…

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