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I’m a fun loving girl and I believe that women only emprove with age. Live for my fun and interesting job and of course my gem Trevor who will grow up to b an amazing man. Not like some guys out there… no players here, my page is a dog-free zone! Only real men write to me. I also like to get in touch with women who are adventurous… you know what I mean. The

This women is 41, has a son old enough to check out whether his mommy has a Myspace profile. She lives in Canada and is lookin for pussy on myspace. I find this funny. I would hate to look up my mom on Myspace at a friend’s house and find this, not because she can’t spell, but because she’s airing her dirty laundry and cooter for everyone to see. So her her last bf cheated on her and now she’s into girls, what a fucking cliche, did she learn how do deal with her emotions by watching an afterschool special. Do those still exist? I think they are the reason I have had unprotected sex and smoked rock, I used to watch them when I was 10, they taught me so much, like how to roll a joint and ruin a family.

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