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Jamie Lynn Spears Teenage Pregnancy Ass Watch of the Day

I am a fan of Teenage Pregnancy, if I wasn’t I’d be hating on my own mother because she had me when she was 16 and I turned out fine. Sure she was turning tricks in Mexico and I ended up being taken away from her by some Americans when I was 5, but I still have fond memories of her being irresponsible, drunk and contracting the HIV virus all before she turned 20 and if that isn’t considered an accomplishment, I don’t know what is. Everytime I see a teenage girl with her baby it brings back those fond memories of a neglectful mother who was in over her head, living in poverty, being abused and most importantly, sucking off white dudes to pay the rent in front of me.

I am not one of those anti-abortion, right winged, no sex before marriage or god will strike you down and if he doesn’t he’ll make sure you get knocked up and unable to abort because two sins don’t cancel each other out, making you the laughing stock to your peers, pissing off the dude who fucked you without a condom because it felt good and looked down upon by society as a whole as a disgusting pig of a person. I am more in the school of thought that if you get your period you are good to go and if this was 300 years ago, you’d be considered normal. Unfortunately, that excuse doesn’t always hold up in court after getting charged with statutory rape. Rules always ruin a good thing.

Here are some pics of Jamie Lynn and her big ol’ mom titties and big ol’ southern ass with her baby, it’s nice to see how she’s bounced back better than women who wait until they are 30 to breed, because society doesn’t like them following nature’s course and their self absorbed needs to establish a career and have fun get in the way of doin’ what they are supposed to.

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