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Tess Taylor Naked Pictures of the Day

I am hooked on this Tess Taylor bitch. I don’t know what hormones are in the food she’s been eating…but her tits are real and outrageous.

She’s on some Chelsea Handler produced E! show with her hot sisters, one who is underage and the other who was involved in and arrested for all the celebrity break-ins that went down last year……

I don’t really get the concept of the shit, I haven’t watched the shit and really I don’t care about the shit, or anything these bitches have to say, I am sure they are annoying, I know I would hate them, I can tell they are serious trashcans, I just know that in their quest to fame, this sister decided to become a Cybergirl for Playboy and I am addicted to her body and have had some very intimate moments with the shit the last 2 days before I figured I’d share with you….

She also has a ModelMayhem profile, but who really cares about that….other than people willing to give her “Paid Jobs”

Here are her stats…

Name: Tess Taylor Arlington
Bust: 32DD
Waist: 25
Hips: 32
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 110 lbs
Hometown: Malibu, CA
Date of birth: February 11, 1990
About me: “Whether it be acting, dancing or teaching people to connect with their mind, body and self, I want people to smile”

You can probably find more of her online….and let’s just hope more girls trying to make it follow her lead and get naked…and start it off by sending them to me….

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