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Paris Hilton is Offensive of the Day

Paris Hilton makes me sick. These pictures of her in her pink Bentley I’ve written about before and it pretty much represents everything I hate about her. She is a tacky bitch who tries to fill the void that is everything about her by buying expensive things that mean absolutely nothing to her because she’s never had to work for anything in her life. She’s taken a nice car and ruined it, like she has to so many things, from teenage girls to Benji Madden not that he was ever a nice thing, but you know what I mean, because she’s a fucking devil. She’s fucking trash, she’s fucking tacky and when people are losing their houses, and so much bad is happening in the world that she could step out of her little princess life and actually do something to help, this kind of behavior is insulting. Let’s hope she drives that shit off a fucking ravine.

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