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Heather Graham at The Hangover Premiere of the Day

I hate admitting that I find things funny because it fucks with my hating on everything, but the movie The Hangover trailer made me laugh. Historically, when movie trailers make me laugh, the movie itself doesn’t, I guess they use all their decent jokes to lure people, or maybe the stupidity in small doses is acceptable, but after 30 minute of the shit, you want to fuckin’ kill yourself, and when you sit there just waiting for the funny joke you saw in the trailer to play out, just to keep you from wanting to kill youself, you know you should have listened to your instincts and hated it from the second you heard about it, instead of letting their marketing win you over.

So that’s not an endorsement, that’s just my relationship with them movie The Hangover, and here is Heather Graham at the premiere, busting out of her dress like this was 1999 and she still had the hottest tits in the industry, and you gotta love her for that, at least I know I do. It’s like longevity thanks to perseverance, so don’t give up on us now baby, those natural tits can carry you into the next 2 decades….

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