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The Sugababes Know How to Perform of the Day

I made up this theory that British talent scouts look at small town stripclubs to find the best performers for their pop acts. I figure that’s where they found Ginger Spice, Mel B and pretty much any other busty bitch who is famous in the UK, cuz based on the bitches who are famous, they’ve really managed to dig out the trashiest of the trash to flaunt their tits, and I think it makes perfect sense, and maybe that kind of visionary can only come from the hyper evolved people who created North America, who we owe our homes to, instead of the shit like Lady Gaga that we’re putting on stage here, but I guess my opinion means nothing, since it is coming from a guy who would go to the stripclub over pretty much any other place in the world, who thinks seeing hot tits on a bitch on stage is more important than good music or “fabricated creative vision”, it is just what I’ve come to expect when I see a girl on stage….while the ugly ones are meant to be laughed off stage and forced to go back to working the grocery store cash cuz they had no business getting on stage in the first place, even though their boyfriend’s encouraged them and told them they did, if you know what I mean…..and if you don’t, I’m trying to say to America that it is time to bring girls I want to fuck back on video and to leave this Gaga influenced shit in the back alley where it belongs….that was my cry for help, let’s hope someone was listening…

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