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The Sugababes Know How to Perform of the Day

I made up this theory that British talent scouts look at small town stripclubs to find the best performers for their pop acts. I figure that’s where they found Ginger Spice, Mel B and pretty much any other busty bitch who is famous in the UK, cuz based on the bitches who are famous, they’ve really managed to dig out the trashiest of the trash to flaunt their tits, and I think it makes perfect sense, and maybe that kind of visionary can only come from the hyper evolved people who created North America, who we owe our homes to, instead of the shit like Lady Gaga that we’re putting on stage here, but I guess my opinion means nothing, since it is coming from a guy who would go to the stripclub over pretty much any other place in the world, who thinks seeing hot tits on a bitch on stage is more important than good music or “fabricated creative vision”, it is just what I’ve come to expect when I see a girl on stage….while the ugly ones are meant to be laughed off stage and forced to go back to working the grocery store cash cuz they had no business getting on stage in the first place, even though their boyfriend’s encouraged them and told them they did, if you know what I mean…..and if you don’t, I’m trying to say to America that it is time to bring girls I want to fuck back on video and to leave this Gaga influenced shit in the back alley where it belongs….that was my cry for help, let’s hope someone was listening…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Playboy Whores in Everyday Clothes Bore Me of the Day

Jayde Nicole, Karissa and Kristina Shannon all got together and bonded over the fact that they get naked in pictures to advance their otherwise pre-determined career of being strippers before getting the “big break’….These kids of whores who are a lot less attractive in clothes need to realize that they are useless and the only reason people actually care about them is because they were naked….not because they are out lookin’ homeless in shitty rock t-shirts and ill-fitting jeans.

Seriously, I see hotter girls than this at my local starbucks, only unfortunately for me, those girls aren’t cheap and easy whores taking the whole getting naked for money lazy girls, especially when they are twins approach to life….that I sometimes encourage, but only because I like seeing pussy and without these lazy unambitious girls, I would be forced to deal with my wife’s vagina forever.

Heff shouldn’t let them out of their money making cages because I think seeing them fully clothed is pretty shitty for the brand…no wonder Playboy is going bankrupt, seriously, this is totally unacceptable. Seriously.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Russell Brand and Some Whores of the Day

I told you last week that girls were going to start dressing like this, because I am a trendsetter ahead of my time, and because people don’t have an original bone in their fucking body and like to do what they see on TV because they take it as that stamp of approval they need to do things, without TV telling them what to do, they’d be fucking lost and unable to do anything from shitting, to choosing a drink, to what car they drive. Thanks America.

That said, here are some pictures of Russel Brand leaving a club with a couple of Lady Gagas and it’s safe to say that I haven’t got shit on this guy. The last person I left a club with was one of Lindsay Lohan’s security guards, and despite him potentially lookin’ hot in some spanx space outfit, he wasn’t really my type.

I guess you get all the no name pussy when you are actually considered funny, when you have your own radio show, when you star in some movies and host some MTV award shows, but in all fairness to groupie whores, they would have probably still left with him if he told them he was in the Best Buy catalog.

To See the Rest of the Pictures From Behind Follow This Link Cuz The Paparazzi Hate Me…

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I am – Jail Bait and Whores at the Teen Choice Awards of the Day

Teen Choice Jessica Alba Tits

I was at a house party on the weekend with a friend of mine and we were outside on the patio when this loser came up to us. He didn’t say anything at first. He just stood there listening to our conversation, staring blankly. After about 3 minutes of this, there was a break in our conversation and a moment of silence. I guess jackass thought he would use this as his “in” to start talking to us and of all things he could say, blurted out “So, you have 2 beers, huh?” pointing at the beer I had in each hand.

I looked at my friend, and my friend looked at me, and he just stood there very please with himself, with a look on his face that suggested he actually thought this introduction to our conversation was going to get him some pussy. Now generally I try not to be a bitch when it comes to guys coming up to me, but in this case, I couldnt help myself and i laughed in his face. I know not all of you are Don Juan, and I will pretty much sleep with anyone who is a 6/10 or above, but even I like there to be a little effort in the initial pick up sometimes. Why not just say “So, I see your wearing shoes.” or “Hey, you have hair, I like that in a women.” You get the point. I honestly would have been more receptive to “Nice shirt, wanna fuck?”

One more example of why guys like you will be virgins until you die, or until you finally breakdown and pay a whore with the money you have been saving in your piggy bank, which ever comes first.

Here’s some pics from the Teen Choice awards. Virgin or not, none of these girls will ever sleep with you, ever. And yeah, some of these chicks are borderline Jail Bait, but you are a Perv and are into that type of thing.

Aimee Teegarden

Audrina Partridge

Jessica Alba

Megan Fox

Sophia Bush

Vanessa Hudgens

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