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Playboy Whores in Everyday Clothes Bore Me of the Day

Jayde Nicole, Karissa and Kristina Shannon all got together and bonded over the fact that they get naked in pictures to advance their otherwise pre-determined career of being strippers before getting the “big break’….These kids of whores who are a lot less attractive in clothes need to realize that they are useless and the only reason people actually care about them is because they were naked….not because they are out lookin’ homeless in shitty rock t-shirts and ill-fitting jeans.

Seriously, I see hotter girls than this at my local starbucks, only unfortunately for me, those girls aren’t cheap and easy whores taking the whole getting naked for money lazy girls, especially when they are twins approach to life….that I sometimes encourage, but only because I like seeing pussy and without these lazy unambitious girls, I would be forced to deal with my wife’s vagina forever.

Heff shouldn’t let them out of their money making cages because I think seeing them fully clothed is pretty shitty for the brand…no wonder Playboy is going bankrupt, seriously, this is totally unacceptable. Seriously.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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