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Girls at the Teen Choice Awards of the Day

Teen Choice Awards is a fucking scam…a scam we call publicists run….a scam that my pervert ass once watched only to see that Ashley Tisdale won “hottest girl of the year”…it was many years ago…pre nose job, where Ashley Tisdale wasn’t even the hottest girl in the grocery store, everytime she went to the fucking grocery store…yet here she is winning…

That said, people still go to it, it’s more legit than just having instagram followers…even though they make less money than instagram people.

Here are the girls in attendance…

Chantel Jeffries



Dove Cameron…


Heidi Klum…


Peta Mugatroyd


Sarah Hyland


SKINNY Zendaya Coleman


To See the Rest of the PicS Because You’re a Pervert CLICK HERE

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I am – Megan Fox Getting Free Shit She Could Pay for Anyways of the Day

Megan Fox

I’m entering my first year of college in a week or so and had to go confirm my registration yesterday afternoon. I’m not looking forward to college to be honest, but if anything it will provide me with good writing in the form of sleeping with my professors, going to keg parties and lots of “experimenting” with drugs and members of the same sex. Although it’s not really experimenting anymore when you do it every weekend.

While most of my friends drove off to state college earlier this month in their new cars their parents bought them , o go live in apartments their parents also pay for, I am living at home, going to community college and don’t even have my license yet. If I was smart or good at sports I may have got a scholarship and since fucking people isn’t a highschool class (yet), I guess I’m shit out of luck in the area of financial aid.

This is the part where I would normally link the photos to what I just wrote about, and you would either laugh or write some cry baby comment about what I wrote, but I can’t think of anything right now, so here’s a shit load of Megan Fox pictures with her looking like a sexy student.

Go beat off. The End.

hugs and kisses
Marie-Eve Martinez

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I am – Jail Bait and Whores at the Teen Choice Awards of the Day

Teen Choice Jessica Alba Tits

I was at a house party on the weekend with a friend of mine and we were outside on the patio when this loser came up to us. He didn’t say anything at first. He just stood there listening to our conversation, staring blankly. After about 3 minutes of this, there was a break in our conversation and a moment of silence. I guess jackass thought he would use this as his “in” to start talking to us and of all things he could say, blurted out “So, you have 2 beers, huh?” pointing at the beer I had in each hand.

I looked at my friend, and my friend looked at me, and he just stood there very please with himself, with a look on his face that suggested he actually thought this introduction to our conversation was going to get him some pussy. Now generally I try not to be a bitch when it comes to guys coming up to me, but in this case, I couldnt help myself and i laughed in his face. I know not all of you are Don Juan, and I will pretty much sleep with anyone who is a 6/10 or above, but even I like there to be a little effort in the initial pick up sometimes. Why not just say “So, I see your wearing shoes.” or “Hey, you have hair, I like that in a women.” You get the point. I honestly would have been more receptive to “Nice shirt, wanna fuck?”

One more example of why guys like you will be virgins until you die, or until you finally breakdown and pay a whore with the money you have been saving in your piggy bank, which ever comes first.

Here’s some pics from the Teen Choice awards. Virgin or not, none of these girls will ever sleep with you, ever. And yeah, some of these chicks are borderline Jail Bait, but you are a Perv and are into that type of thing.

Aimee Teegarden

Audrina Partridge

Jessica Alba

Megan Fox

Sophia Bush

Vanessa Hudgens

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