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Kylie Minogue’s Theatrical See Through of the Day

Kylie Minogue is a cancer survivor and I guess that gives her some kind of new lease on life that makes her think she can attend events dressed like a fucking clown. I am not a cancer survivor but I can only assume that that all the normal limits people put on themselves and live by go out the fuckin’ window because they realize that life is too short to care what people think. Unfortunately, that new lease on life didn’t lead her to showing up to the event completely naked before squatting on the red carpet and taking a shit because that’s the kind of not giving a fuck I like to see in cancer survivors. I have little interest in this so fucking happy I’ll dress in bright colors because I am so happy to be alive that forces perverts like me to stare at for four hours because it is seemingly see-through looking for nipples that she probably doesn’t even have because of the mastectomy.

Cancer is nothing to laugh about, but I like to think Kylie Minogue is.

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