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Uplifting Post of the Day

I am not a very organized person, you know, I don’t pay on time, I don’t show up on time, I don’t remember special dates like birthdays or anniversaries, so in case I forget, I just wanted to wish Patrick Swayze an RIP in Advance, at least this way he can see my condolences while still alive, if he has the strength to turn on a computer, provided he knew this site existed.

He doesn’t seem to be having fun with cancer and these pictures of him at a reported 105 pounds prove that cancer is not only a great diet plan, but it’s also fucking horrible to watch ravage a person. The sadness is that pancreatic cancer is one of those cancers that can’t be cured so unless a miracle happens, it’s just a matter of time, but at least he’s trying to put on a fight. I would hate for this to happen to me and I’m sure you’d hate for it to happen to you, but I don’t think I’d mind if it happened to lets say, Paris Hilton, so if you have money, donate to Cancer research. Seriously.

No, this isn’t a jerk off post, unless you are weird…really fucking weird.

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Fun with Cancer of the Day

This 9 year old has been fighting cancer for a couple of years and has been given a couple of weeks to live. Her last request was to get married so her family put it all together for her. I know what you’re thinking about a little too much and that’s whether she saved herself for marriage like she was a Jonas brother.

Either way, seeing her mother devastated, crying and weak is a little fucking obnoxious, considering it’s supposed to be her daughter’s day and she’s taking away from everyone’s happiness. She’s making it about her, like this whole “look how sad I am losing my only child” attitude on such a beautiful day when she should just wait out the 2 weeks so her kid’s last memories are those of fucking smiles.

But other than that the whole thing is a pretty fucking depressing story but I guess that’s the whole point of these “Fun With Cancer” Posts.

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Fun With Cancer Of the Day

Who says cancer can’t be fun. This tanned Jane Goody girl has terminal cancer with weeks to live. She still manages to have a good time with friends as she gets ready to marry one of her UK reality show costar boyfriend who is currently in jail because of beating someone down. What he doesn’t know is that her cancer is a trap to lock him in, because the last time I saw someone with weeks to live, they looked like a skeleton and not someone who’s forehead I want to climax all over. That said. I hope Jane Goody survives she looks too fun to die.

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Patrick Swayze Dying Pictures of the Day

Everyone always focuses on the bad side of cancer, you know that it kills you and rapes your fucking body in the process, but no one every gives it the respect it deserves for not being contagious. Maybe it’s nature’s way of weening out the perfectly strong, healthy and decent people, you know to make room for assholes like Lohan who throw their fucking lives down the fucking toilet because they hate themselves.

The point is that Patrick Swayze isn’t Magic Johnson with AIDs, dude has one of those cancers that doesn’t respond to treatment and that can’t be operated on and it’s pretty fucking sad to see. I have a feeling he’ll get criticized that when these pics were taken he smoked a solid 4 cigarettes according to the paparazzi, while when you’ve smoked all your life and are on your deathbed and smoking calms you the fuck down, then maybe it’s not so bad, maybe it’d go a little better with some liquor, some downers, some pot or even some heroin. It’s at that who gives a fuck stage where maybe he should do a little Point Break shit and surf his way into the Tsunami, fuck tranny hookers with no condoms, rape and pillage a small african village, fuckin’ drive into oncoming traffic, sky dive without a parachute or rob a couple fucking banks.

The point is that I feel for his wife, this shit sucks for them and you should all pray for a miracle, even though praying doesn’t work, it’s just the right thing to do….

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Jade Goody’s Weightloss Plan of the Day

I don’t know all that much about Big Brother because I don’t watch TV and I know a hell of a lot less about British Big Brother, but this Jade Goody girl was on the show and caused some controversy that lead to some more work for her and is pretty much a reality star living the dream, I mean except for the whole cancer part.

I did a little search on the site and found out that I posted Jade Goody’s Nipples before. She used to be pretty fucking fat and now that she has terminal cervical cancer, with a 40 percent chance of survival, she seems to be slimming out a bit.

Now I am not a doctor, but last time I checked, cervical cancer was straight from HPV. Where was Gardasil whenshe started raw doggin’men with warts on their dicks. I know it’s no laughing matter, she’s had a hysterectomy, which means no babies and fucked up hormones, leading to her essentially turning into a dude, but thankfully for any man out there, that means no condoms or fear of her getting attached after getting knocked up, refusing that abortion she always promised she’d get if ever you accidentally knocked her up, not that you’d want to do the whole no condom thing with her, you know with that whole HPV business, not that guys care, I know at least 10 dudes who have told me they’ve banged girls with HPV or early stages of vagina cancer, so I don’t think this will really be a set back for her, I mean other than the whole cancer thing….

I do wish her the best and I hope for survival and I am posting this because it is a heartwarming day for her as she greets her boyfriend from Big Brother who is just being released from prison after being sentenced to 18 months after beating a 16 year old with a golf club. These reality stars always keep it fuckin’ classy. I am not posting this for those of you who get off the Chemo/Cancer patients. Keep it in your pants you sick fucks getting off to sick people…it is not very appropriate.

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Kylie Minogue’s Theatrical See Through of the Day

Kylie Minogue is a cancer survivor and I guess that gives her some kind of new lease on life that makes her think she can attend events dressed like a fucking clown. I am not a cancer survivor but I can only assume that that all the normal limits people put on themselves and live by go out the fuckin’ window because they realize that life is too short to care what people think. Unfortunately, that new lease on life didn’t lead her to showing up to the event completely naked before squatting on the red carpet and taking a shit because that’s the kind of not giving a fuck I like to see in cancer survivors. I have little interest in this so fucking happy I’ll dress in bright colors because I am so happy to be alive that forces perverts like me to stare at for four hours because it is seemingly see-through looking for nipples that she probably doesn’t even have because of the mastectomy.

Cancer is nothing to laugh about, but I like to think Kylie Minogue is.

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