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Uplifting Post of the Day

I am not a very organized person, you know, I don’t pay on time, I don’t show up on time, I don’t remember special dates like birthdays or anniversaries, so in case I forget, I just wanted to wish Patrick Swayze an RIP in Advance, at least this way he can see my condolences while still alive, if he has the strength to turn on a computer, provided he knew this site existed.

He doesn’t seem to be having fun with cancer and these pictures of him at a reported 105 pounds prove that cancer is not only a great diet plan, but it’s also fucking horrible to watch ravage a person. The sadness is that pancreatic cancer is one of those cancers that can’t be cured so unless a miracle happens, it’s just a matter of time, but at least he’s trying to put on a fight. I would hate for this to happen to me and I’m sure you’d hate for it to happen to you, but I don’t think I’d mind if it happened to lets say, Paris Hilton, so if you have money, donate to Cancer research. Seriously.

No, this isn’t a jerk off post, unless you are weird…really fucking weird.

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Patrick Swayze Dying Pictures of the Day

Everyone always focuses on the bad side of cancer, you know that it kills you and rapes your fucking body in the process, but no one every gives it the respect it deserves for not being contagious. Maybe it’s nature’s way of weening out the perfectly strong, healthy and decent people, you know to make room for assholes like Lohan who throw their fucking lives down the fucking toilet because they hate themselves.

The point is that Patrick Swayze isn’t Magic Johnson with AIDs, dude has one of those cancers that doesn’t respond to treatment and that can’t be operated on and it’s pretty fucking sad to see. I have a feeling he’ll get criticized that when these pics were taken he smoked a solid 4 cigarettes according to the paparazzi, while when you’ve smoked all your life and are on your deathbed and smoking calms you the fuck down, then maybe it’s not so bad, maybe it’d go a little better with some liquor, some downers, some pot or even some heroin. It’s at that who gives a fuck stage where maybe he should do a little Point Break shit and surf his way into the Tsunami, fuck tranny hookers with no condoms, rape and pillage a small african village, fuckin’ drive into oncoming traffic, sky dive without a parachute or rob a couple fucking banks.

The point is that I feel for his wife, this shit sucks for them and you should all pray for a miracle, even though praying doesn’t work, it’s just the right thing to do….

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