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Welcome Back Thora Birch of the Day

Thora Birch is the mid 30s actress you’v enever heard of….because she hasn’t done anything in the last 10 years…but if you’re an old pervert, or a hipster obsessed with the 90s, dressing like you’re on the fucking Cosby show, you’ll remember her as the child star in movies like Hocus Pocus and some other shit….

Then she hit puberty and became the star of a lot of independent films, that brought new life to Hollywood, before totally being back burnered for blockbuster, actor driven garbage we have today…

So she was the tits you didn’t necessarily want to fuck in America Beauty because she wasn’t the alien headed American Pie chick…or the tits you didn’t necessarily want to fuck in Ghost World because she wasn’t Scarlett Johansson…you know the awkward other girl…with the tits…

Well, I guess she’s making a comeback, because why else would she be in this magazine, and really the only picture worth looking at is the one in the granny panty diaper…spread legged looking awkard and doughy…with some tit…

Take it in, welcome her back…via masturbation like she was still that 13 year old girl you had a crush on in that Hocus Pocus porn…because you’re weird…

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Thora Birch Fucks Her Dad of the Day

I don’t report news here, I mean other than the stepNEWS , but that’s hardly news and more idiots being idiots…What I am trying to say is that I don’t report celebrity or hollywood news unless of course it involves incest, cuz incest is awesome if it’s not happening to you…

Thora Birch has been axed from her off-Broadway production of of “Dracula” just weeks before the opening of the show in January 2011. Media reports say that director Paul Alexander let Thora go after her porn star father/manager Jack Birch threatened another actor on set and was constantly medaling on set. Jack reportedly was upset about a cast member rubbing his daughters back which is when he made the “threatening” remark “”Listen, man, I’m trying to make it easier on you – don’t touch her.” It has also been rumored by people on the set that Thora would hang close to her father on breaks and not socializing with the rest of the cast and crew. Could this father daughter relationship be twisted and unhealthy?

Amazing…Nothign says Christmas like being fucked by your pornstar father….especially when you’re the weird socially removed busty girl with a horrible tan…cuz it makes it more awkward, creepy, and fun to laugh at.

On a sidenote, this is my first Thora Birch post in 6 years of doing this, I have only seen her in 2 movies a decade ago so it is safe to say, this is just a pornstar father/manager’s way of getting publicity for his daughter the only way he knows how…but I’ll pretend this story is legit because it inspires.

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